The International Forum for Democratic Studies at the National Endowment for Democracy is a leading center for research, analysis, and discussion of the theory and practice of democracy around the world. Established in 1994, the Forum complements NED’s core mission—assisting civil society groups abroad in their efforts to foster and strengthen democracy—by linking the academic community with activists across the globe.




The World Movement for Democracy is a pro-active, global network of activists, practitioners, scholars, policy makers, and funders who work to advance democracy. Its mission is to connect, inform, and empower citizens around the world to advance democracy. All networks, groups, and individuals who share in our values and goals are welcome to participate.

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The Journal of Democracy is the world’s leading publication on the theory and practice of democracy. Since it first appeared in 1990, the Journal has engaged scholars and activists in critical discussions about the problems and prospects of democracy around the world. Today, the Journal is at the center of debate on the major social, political, and cultural challenges that face democratic government, especially in emerging democracies.





The Center for International Media Assistance is a research and knowledge platform that aims to improve the effectiveness of media development around the world. The Center provides information, builds networks, conducts research, and highlights the indispensable role media play in the creation and development of sustainable democracies. CIMA convenes donors, implementers, academics, journalists and other stakeholders in the media development community. Housed at the National Endowment for Democracy, CIMA coordinates working groups and discussions, and commissions reports and commentary on critical issues to the field.