In the July 2014 issue of the Journal of Democracy, NED Vice President Nadia Diuk shares her views on a post-Maidan Ukraine and what lies ahead for the former Soviet state. She visited Ukraine in December 2013 during the first week fo the Maidan and again in April, 2014 as an election observer.

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Jul 14, 2014

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"Ukraine: The Maidan and Beyond"

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May 14, 2014


PBS News Hour interviews Nadia Diuk on Eastern Ukraine's vote

From PBS Youtube page: Separatists in Eastern Ukraine declared they are ready to join Russia in Sunday's secession referendum, but no government has yet recognized the move. Gwen Ifill talks to Steven Pifer of the Brookings Institution and Nadia Diuk of the National Endowment for Democracy for analysis on how it affects Ukraine's attempts at rebuilding its government and whether there is any chance for negotiation.


Apr 2, 2014


Nadia Diuk interviewed on RTÉ Radio

Appearing on RTÉ Radio 1 Drivetime(Irish Public Radio) on Monday, March 31st, 2014, NED Vice President Dr. Nadia Diuk discusses the massing of Russian troops on Ukraine's border. The podcast is available online.

Apr 3, 2014

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The Revolution Was Televised:

Challenges and Opportunities for Media in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

The National Endowment for Democracy and the Center for International Media Assistnace cordially invite you to a discussion

Canada Testimony on Ukraine

By Carl Gershman March 24, 2014

Mar 18, 2014


Nadia Diuk interviewed on CNN concerning the Crimea Vote

 Nadia Diuk, Vice President of the National Endowment for Democracy, discusses Crimea's controversial referendum.

Feb 27, 2014


Nadia Diuk Interviewed on Recent Events in Ukraine

On March 3rd, NED Vice President Nadia Diuk appeared on the Diane Rehm show to discuss the "political crisis in Ukraine." Listen to the podcast here

On Wednesday, February 26th, Diuk appeared on PBS NewsHour to discuss the topic, "Will Russia Intervene in Ukraine?"

Feb 21, 2014


Reagan-Fascell Fellow Sergii Leshchenko on The Diane Rehm Show

On The Diane Rehm Show, Reagan-Fascell Fellow Sergii Leshchenko joined the Friday News Roundup to discuss recent events in Ukraine. Listen to the episode here.


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