Feb 11, 2008

Sponsor: Fellows

Regional Options for Peace in the Great Lakes: The Case of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army

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Since July 2006, the military phase of the conflict in Northern Uganda has been replaced by a tenuous ceasefire between the Ugandan government and the Lord’s Resistance Army. However in order to ensure stability in the region, progress must be made in the political, military, and diplomatic realms. Most importantly, the transnational character of the conflict, whose frontline extends from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Southern Sudan, calls for policymakers to concentrate on shifting the Great Lakes region away from security-related competition and towards economic cooperation. In his presentation, noted journalist Mr. Angelo Izama offered an insider’s perspective about how to best negotiate an end to the conflict in Northern Uganda and the possibilities for mediation by the United States and greater international community. His presentation was followed by comments by Mr. Howard Wolpe.

Mr. Angelo Izama is director of special projects at the Daily Monitor, Uganda’s only independent daily newspaper, and a frequent contributor to various other news media, including the Nation, Radio Botswana, Voice of America, and Radio Channel Africa. He has also served as producer and host of top-rated political talk shows. One of Uganda’s most well-known and respected journalists, Mr. Izama is sought after by local and foreign media, as well as by members of the Ugandan government for his ideas, opinions, and insightful analyses of the political situation in Uganda. During his fellowship, he is evaluating the demands for international justice and options for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in northern Uganda, with a focus on the potential role of the United States in mediating an end to the insurgency.

Mr. Howard Wolpe is the director of the Africa program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a member of the National Endowment for Democracy’s Board of Directors.