Current & Past Fellows

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows 2014-2015

March-July 2015

Prof. Rut Diamint (Argentina)

“International Security and the Political Use of the Military in Latin America”

 Dr. Dmitry Dubrovsky (RussiaJanuaryJune 2015

“Experts, Anti-Extremism Legislation, and Threats to Civil Liberties in Russia”

 Ms. Lily Gomes (Bangladesh)

“Strengthening Democracy in Bangladesh through Women’s Participation in the Trade Unions of Ready-Made Garment Industries”

Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu (Azerbaijan) March–August 2015

“The Politics of Natural Resources in the South Caucasus and Central Asia: Challenges for Transitions to Democracy”

 Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani (Pakistan)

“Women’s Political Participation in the Muslim World”

Ms. Simegnish Mengesha (Ethiopia) March–September 2015

“The Effect of the ‘Anti-Terrorism Law’ on Ethiopian Media: A Case Study of Social Media”

Mr. Pepe Julian Onziema (Uganda)

“Enhancing Participatory Democracy and Respect for Human Rights by Taking Uganda’s Constitution to the Grassroots”

Mr. Tidiani Togola (Mali)

“Developing ICT Solutions that Empower Local Organizations to Observe Elections”


October 2014-February 2015 

Ms. Maliha AlShehab (Saudi Arabia)

“Saudi Women: Status, Outlook, and Roadmap”

Ms. Zin Mar Aung (Burma)

“Promoting Women’s Political Empowerment in Burma”

Mr. Umed Babakhanov (Tajikistan)

“Evolution of Political Islam in Tajikistan: From the Trenches to the Parliament—and Back?”

 Mr. Tabish Forugh (Afghanistan)

“Strengthening Election Management Bodies in Afghanistan”

Dr. Altay Goyushov (AzerbaijanOctober 1, 2014April 30, 2015

“Secularism and Religion in Azerbaijan: Lessons from the First Azerbaijani Republic of 1918–1920”

Mr. Arthur Gwagwa (Zimbabwe/United Kingdom)

“How Civil Society Engagement Can Strengthen Democracy in Zimbabwe”

Ms. N’yella Rogers (Sierra Leone)

“Harnessing Social Media to Combat Corruption in Sierra Leone”

 Dr. Negaso Solan (Ethiopia)

“The Role of Democracy in Building a Multi-Ethnic State: The Case of Ethiopia”

Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu (Vietnam) July 1–December 31, 2014

“Reflections on Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam”


Visiting Fellows 2014-2015

Mr. Yoshihiro Makino (Japan) March–August 2015

“Exploring Japanese Support for Human Rights in North Korea”

 Mr. Raza Ahmad Rumi (Pakistan)

 “Pakistan’s Democratic Evolution and Extremism”

Ms. Guozhen Xiao (China) Non-Residential Visiting Fellow

 “Exploring the Path to Democracy in China”

Dr. Leonid Gozman (Russia)

“Social Entrepreneurship as a Way of Overcoming Russia’s Social and Political Crisis”


Hurford Youth Fellows 2014-2015

 Ms. Saadat Baigazieva (Kyrgyzstan)

“Building Strong, Inclusive Youth-Led Movements through Community Ownership and Issue-Based Partnerships”

 Mr. Mohammad Sayed Madadi (Afghanistan)

“Accountability and Transparency to Promote Democracy and Good Governance”

Mr. Rami Soud (Jordan)

“The Role of Youth in Social Change”


Senior Fellow

Dr. Donald L. Horowitz (United States)