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This page includes articles and mentions of NED and NED grantees.

Sep 17, 2012

AP covers 2012 Democracy Award recipient's decision to remain in Burma

Min Ko Naing, a prominent Burmese democracy activist set to be one of five recipients of the National Endowment for Democracy's 2012 Democracy Award, has decided to remain in Burma as a show of solidarity with more than a dozen other activists, the Associated Press reports. :: MORE

Sep 11, 2012

NED's Laith Kubba discusses tensions in Iraq on PBS Newshour

Dr. Laith Kubba, senior director for Middle East and North Africa at the NED, was featured Sept. 10 on PBS Newshour in a discussion of sectarian tensions in Iraq. :: MORE

Sep 6, 2012

Gershman, Fukuyama and Ponce featured in Nueva Política magazine

NED President Carl Gershman and Board Member Francis Fukuyama were both featured in the July 2012 edition of Nueva Política, a Spanish-language digital magazine that focuses on political analysis of the Americas. :: MORE

Jul 24, 2012

Gershman: "Who Killed Oswaldo Payá?"

NED President Carl Gershman discussed the death of Cuban democracy activist Oswaldo Payá in an op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post. :: MORE

Jul 11, 2012

NED conference on Zimbabwe featured on VOA

Voice of America covered NED's half-day conference "Rethinking Zimbabwe," which brought US and Zimbabwe policymakers together with members of civil society to discuss the state of the African nation and its developing political situation. :: MORE

Jun 7, 2012

Washington Post editorial praises Reagan's Westminster Address and NED founding

In a recent staff editorial, The Washington Post editorial board praised the address given by President Ronald Reagan to the British Parliament on June 8, 1982, which led to the NED's founding. :: MORE

Jun 1, 2012

Economist highlights Azerbaijan grantees

Hikmet Hadjy-Zadeh, a recent Reagan-Fascell fellow and founder of NED grantee Far Centre for Economic and Political Research, is highlighted in “The gentle art of protest,” in the Economist :: MORE

Apr 13, 2012

NED Burma expert Brian Joseph comments on recent developments

Burma’s startling trend towards liberalization has focused global attention on a country where NED grantees have been working for over two decades. NED has provided more than 600 grants to democratic groups, including emergency grants following pro-democracy demonstrations known commonly as the Saffron Revolution and the subsequent crackdown in 2007. :: MORE

Apr 13, 2012

Caucasian Knot is crucial source of independent reporting

In “A Brave and Independent Russian Editor,” The Nation (April 9, 2012) profiles Gregory Shvedov, founder and editor of NED grantee Caucasian Knot (Kavkazkii Uzel). :: MORE

Apr 10, 2012

London Telegraph cites work of NED grantee Daily NK

The London Telegraph article, “What North Koreans really think of Kim Jong-un,” highlighted the work of NED grantee Daily NK. :: MORE

Apr 2, 2012

NED's Brian Joseph featured on PRI

NED Senior Director for Asia Brian Joseph was featured Friday in a Public Radio International report on Burma's recent elections and the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma. :: MORE

Feb 17, 2012

NED VP Authors Book on Youth Politics

Nadia Diuk, NED vice president of programs in Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, is the author of the newly-released book, The Next Generation in Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan: Youth, Politics, Identity, and Change. :: MORE

Feb 3, 2012

AFP highlights NED Burma event

The Agence France-Presse news agency highlighted the National Endowment for Democracy's event "Burma's Changing Political Landscape: A Conversation with Three Leading Activists." :: MORE

Jan 6, 2012

VoA Highlights NED's Tribute to Vaclav Havel

Voice of America Burmese News covered the National Endowment for Democracy's Memorial Tribute to Vaclav Havel on Friday Jan. 6, 2012. :: MORE

Dec 23, 2011

Association GOLOS Turns to the Judicial System to Address Extrajudicial Harassment

In the lead-up to Russia’s December 2011 parliamentary elections, NED grantee Association GOLOS, a Moscow-based independent election monitor and publisher of the newspaper Grazhdansky Golos (Civil Voice), found itself operating in an increasingly hostile environment. :: MORE

Dec 19, 2011

NED President remembers Havel in Washington Post

NED President Carl Gershman discussed in The Washington Post the life and legacy of Vaclav Havel, the dissident and Czechoslovakian president who received the Endowment's Democracy Service Medal in 2007. :: MORE

Dec 1, 2011

NED Grantee Jeta Xharra profiled in New York Times

The New York Times profiles NED grantee Jeta Xharra of the Balkan Investigative Reporters Network. :: MORE

Nov 30, 2011

NED’s Laith Kubba discusses Arab perceptions of Egyptian elections

NED Senior Director for the Middle East and North Africa Laith Kubba was featured on PRI's The World to speak about the Arab world's perceptions of Egypt's November elections. :: MORE

Nov 17, 2011

NED's Brian Joseph Spoke on Burma to BBC's The World

NED Senior Director for Asia, Brian Joseph, spoke to the BBC's The World about the recent developments in Burma. :: MORE

Nov 8, 2011

Clinton emphasizes important role played by NDI and NED

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the work of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the rest of the NED family during her keynote address at NDI’s annual dinner on November 7. :: MORE