Center for International Private Enterprise
Thailand: Private Sector Approaches to Anti-Corruption
To organize and lead a growing collective action campaign in Thailand and to expand the coalition of business committed to fighting corruption. CIPE’s partner, the Institute of Directors (IOD), will engage in public policy advocacy on corruption-related issues among Thailand's largest business associations and companies. IOD will host anti-corruption training workshops, conduct a private sector survey, and organize a National Conference on Collective Action Against Corruption. 

ENLAWTHAI Foundation
Rule of Law
Strategic Litigation and Public Awareness Focused on Environmental Protection
To promote the Thai public's awareness of fundamental environmental issues in an effort to promote government and corporate accountability.  Environmental Litigation and Advocacy for the Wants' project will include: strategic litigation on specific environmental cases  that could have far-reaching implications for environmental law and regulation in Thailand, and the maintenance of an information clearinghouse that tracks environmental issues, which will be used to support litigation and public awareness campaigns. 

Foundation for Community Educational Media
Freedom of Information
Supporting Independent Media in Southeast Asia
To provide the Thai public with a credible and respected source of independent news reporting and editorial commentary, and to foster a higher level of public participation and community involvement in Thai political affairs. The Foundation for Community Educational Media will publish its online newspaper,, a Thai- and English-language daily newspaper that covers politics, natural resources, energy, the environment, employment and labor issues, health, and the ongoing violence in southern Thailand.

Human Rights Lawyers Association
Human Rights
Building a Network of Human Rights Lawyers
To support and strengthen a network of lawyers involved in the protection of human rights, particularly the rights of migrant workers, indigenous communities, and stateless people. The organization will focus on three main areas: networking and capacity building; public information campaigns and legal advocacy; and strategic litigation. 

International Republican Institute
Strengthening Political Institutions
Supporting Greater Inclusiveness by Political Parties of Increased Women's Political Participation and Leadership at the Provincial Level
To support increased women's political participation in Thailand.  IRI will conduct a series of strategic planning and technical skills workshops with local women political leaders and stakeholders focused on increasing women's political participation and leadership at the provincial level.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Political Processes
Encouraging Greater Levels of Engagement by Young People in the Political Process
To improve the ability of young Thai citizens to engage in the discourse on political development and identify and address issues of concern, NDI, in coordination with local partner organizations, will conduct 10 youth forums to bridge the communication gap between youth and elected officials.  

Thai Volunteer Service
Human Rights
Human Rights Volunteer Project
To support the development of a new generation of human rights activists in Thailand. The Thai Volunteer Service will coordinate a program to place young people as volunteers with civil society organizations throughout Thailand in an effort to introduce them to human rights issues and encourage them to become active participants in the country's human rights movement.

Grant descriptions are from the 2013 NED Annual Report.