Africa Regional

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To enhance the skills of telecom sector trade unions to formulate, articulate, and implement union responses to telecommunication policies of their respective governments. The Solidarity Center will form a public citizen coalition that will organize around a common issue of national salience that relates to bridging the digital divide (e.g., equitable access) for all constituencies present at the initial meeting. The Solidarity Center will also support two three-day bi-partite council meetings between key employers and trade unions in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To raise awareness among policymakers and business association leaders on the key principles and benefits of successful public-private dialogue. CIPE will organize a three-day Public-Private Dialogue conference in Gaborone, Botswana, in May 2007, to coincide with Botswana’s High Level Consultative Council (HLCC) meeting. The conference will bring together high level government and business representatives from four African countries to learn best practices and foster public-private dialogue in their countries.

Freedom House
To establish the basic structure for a permanent Africa Institute. Freedom House will conduct three new courses to test and refine the curriculum and training methods, establish the Institute’s governing structures, and will prepare a detailed blueprint for the Institute’s first 10 years of operations. The blueprint will provide full details on curriculum, faculty, participant recruitment process, methods to network young leaders, and resource commitments.

Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC)
To identify the role of NGOs in promoting sustainable democratic development and peace in critical African countries, including the Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, and Zimbabwe. KHRC will organize the Africa Democracy Forum (ADF) General Assembly, part of which will be devoted to reviewing the plan of registering the ADF as an independent entity and developing an ADF agenda for the 2008 general assembly of the World Movement for Democracy.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To promote legislative engagement in extractive industry oversight in Africa. NDI will hold a conference in Nigeria on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to identify concrete ways to improve legislative oversight. It will be followed by a seminar held in the Congo for legislators from nine countries in addition to industry experts and representatives from civil society. NDI will provide technical assistance to legislators in both countries.