Centro Nacional de Aconselhamento ( National Counseling Center) (NCC)
To encourage constructive dialogue between politicians and citizens in Kuando-Kubango, Bengo, and Kuanza-Sul P rovinces. NCC will organize three three-day town hall meetings between officials and residents of the three provinces to discuss land rights for returning refugees, security concerns, and development issues. NCC will also distribute legislation and other important documents including 250 copies of a democracy and elections manual based on Angolan electoral law.

Coordenação da Ajudas Para a Agricultura II (Coordination for Agricultural Assistance II) (CAAPI-II )
To promote informed participation in the political process in the province of Huambo. CAAPI-II will organize a civic education campaign aimed at increasing voter education and safeguarding the conduct of political campaigns, concentrating its efforts in the communal capitals of Katchiungo, Tchindjendje, Ekunha, Tchicala-Tholohanga, and Ukuma e Longonjo. During workshops, participants will discuss voter list inspection, voter education, the right to campaign, election monitoring, and public assembly.

Search for Common Ground (SFCG)
To improve relations between security forces and the communities they serve. SFCG will organize training sessions for police and military in Benguela, Malange, and Bié Provinces to explore the roles these two groups play in a democratic society, and how problems that arise with the community can be constructively addressed. Following the trainings, SFCG will facilitate community dialogues between military, police, and members of the communities in which they work.