Côte d‘Ivoire

Action pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme (APDH)
To promote the protection of fundamental human rights regardless of ethnic or regional affiliation. APDH will provide pro bono legal assistance through its headquarters office in Abidjan to improve access to justice for victims of human rights abuses and fight against impunity.

Club Union Africaine Côte d'Ivoire (CUA-CI)
To reinforce the capacities of rural communities to mitigate and resolve local conflicts in eastern Côte d’Ivoire. CUA-CI will lead a conflict resolution training workshop on land rights, human rights, and nationality for community leaders, who will then form Early Warning Committees to monitor and mitigate local conflicts.

Coalition de la Société Civile pour la Paix et le Développement en Côte d'Ivoire (Coalition of Civil Society for Peace and Development in Côte d’Ivoire) (COSOPCI)
To reinforce civil society’s coordination and advocacy for democracy and human rights in rebel-controlled areas of Côte d’Ivoire. COSOPCI will host several training workshops on topics including: lobbying and advocacy techniques; investigating human rights violations; preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts in local communities; and project and financial management. Participants will then conduct human rights investigations, intervene in community conflicts, and advocate for accountable local governance.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To strengthen the capacity of political parties to participate fully in the upcoming national elections. NDI will provide targeted technical skills building assistance to political parties and signatories of peace agreements by organizing multi-party forums on thematic issues related to the electoral process, such as implementing election related provisions of the UN resolution, security during the electoral process, and resolving electoral disputes and minimizing fraud.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To promote dialogue among Ivorian political parties and strengthen their capacity to participate fully in the upcoming national election. NDI will organize political party forums and develop partnerships with national and UN-sponsored radio and television stations to broadcast forum outcomes, conduct training-of-trainers sessions with political party members, and provide technical assistance to political parties as they work to become competitive during the upcoming elections.

ONG de Femme Active de Cote d’Ivoire (NGO Active Woman of Cote d’Ivoire) (OFACI)
To strengthen women’s knowledge of civil rights and democracy. OFACI will conduct its project activities across the country, focusing on underserved rural populations in Méagui in the southwestern Bas Sassandra region, Dabakala in the northern Vallée du Bandama region, and Tiebissou in the central Lacs region. OFACI will train three sensitization officers from these towns to conduct civic education campaigns.

Search for Common Ground (SFCG)
To build the capacity of community radio stations in Côte d'Ivoire for credible and balanced reporting. SFCG will work with community radio stations in western and northern Côte d'Ivoire to strengthen their programming and operations. SFCG will organize training sessions that will discuss the media’s role in conflict mediation, balanced and fair election reporting, radios’ roles in limiting political violence, and production techniques for improving presentations of news and information.

SOS Exclusion
To improve secondary students’ understanding and support for human rights and democracy and strengthen youth efforts to advocate for peace and nonviolent conflict resolution. SOS Exclusion will train high school teachers who will then organize a study program on human rights and democracy for their students. Students will form human rights and democracy committees and lead public civic education campaigns.