Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA)
To promote human rights through grassroots sensitization and education on the new criminal procedure code. CHRAPA will organize five provincial workshops on the new criminal procedure code (CPC) with journalists, administrators, cultural group leaders, human right activists, judicial police officers and prison wardens. CHRAPA will produce a simplified manual of the new CPC to facilitate application of the code after the workshop, produce posters, and host a biweekly 30 minute human rights radio program to reach a larger audience.

Centre d'Animation des Jeunes pour l'Appui au Développement (Activity Center for Youth for Development)
To encourage the respect for the criminal code in the adjudication of juveniles. CAJAD will organize a three-day workshop for Cameroonian judges from the towns of Buea, Idenau, Muyuka, Tiko, and Limbe to review the rules governing the treatment of juvenile delinquents and on the alternative resources available for re-education.

Civil Initiatives for Development with Integrity (CIDI)
To promote accountable national government in the formulation and implementation of public policy. CIDI will produce radio programs to educate Cameroonian citizens on government accountability. Each program will encourage listeners to become more engaged with their government representatives and take concrete action to confront corruption. CIDI will also organize a meeting between the Cameroonian Association of Voluntary Organizations for Development (CAVOD) and members of parliament (MPs) to open channels for more effective lobbying in Cameroon’s parliament.

Foundation Humanus (FH)
To promote greater accountability by the government of Cameroon for human rights abuses. FH will organize a five-month human rights training session for 30 journalists and human rights activists on civics, political analysis, investigative techniques, and report writing. Participants will investigate and write a collective report on the status of civil and political rights in Cameroon in 2007 that will be sent to the Cameroonian government, the UN Human Rights Council, and the international organizations.

Nouveaux Droits de l’Homme (NDH)
To combat citizen disengagement from Cameroonian politics. NDH will organize a three-day national forum at the Douala convention center for civil society from all ten provinces to help give impetus to the call for greater cohesion. NDH will also create the internet website as a low -cost means of interaction among civil society and the general public.

Solutions Cameroon
To promote regional collaboration among African civil society actors. Solutions Cameroon will organize a regional conference that will bring together activists from South, East, West, and Central Africa to discuss future joint activities and to support the revitalization of the civil society movement in Cameroon. Following the conference, the three-day National Forum will bring together representatives of 128 civil society organization members to develop strategies for the years leading up to the 2011 presidential elections.