Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To build a wider membership base and ensure that the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) speaks with a more representative voice for the broader manufacturing sector across Kenya. CIPE will continue to support KAM in strengthening its local presence by building the capacity of two new offices in Nakuru and Eldoret, and by consolidating the gains made in the Mombasa and Kisumu offices through continued support.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To strengthen the voice of informal sector entrepreneurs to advocate for policy reform that will facilitate their transition to the formal sector. CIPE will build the capacity of the National Informal Sector Coalition and its member associations to effectively represent and advocate for their members in the democratic policymaking process, and will enhance awareness among informal sector entrepreneurs on relevant policy issues.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To raise public awareness of the policies affecting the micro and small enterprises sector (MSE). CIPE will work with the Kenya Gatsby Trust to establish forums for MSEs to partner with government in the implementation of policy. The forums will bring together policymakers, government institutions, private sector representatives, and civil society associations to plan strategies for the effective implementation of Sessional Paper No. 2 of 2005.

Citizens Against Violence (CAVi)
To encourage youth candidates in Nairobi province during the December 2007 elections to adopt a peaceful campaign process. CAVi will select 60 promising youth candidates to attend a workshop on best practices for conducting violence-free campaigns; conduct a joint workshop with youth leaders from the ten slum communities most associated with organized election violence; and organize a national dialogue for university student leaders, slum-based youth leaders, NGO members, and youth political party leaders.

Family Mediation and Conciliation (FAMEC)
To create a circle of grassroots women activists capable of mobilizing their communities to vote in the national democratic elections scheduled for December 2007. FAMEC will hold a five-day civic education training for 50 women community leaders drawn from the 25 constituencies that make up the nomadic pastoralist communities of northern Kenya.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To build the capacity of committed, capable and prodemocracy candidates to compete for local and national elected office. IRI will work with the political party caucuses to review their performances in the 2007 elections and lend technical assistance to them as they develop legislative agendas for the next parliament. IRI will also conduct trainings for young people, female, and Muslim MPs on parliamentary procedure, communications, legislative lobbying and leadership.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To conduct a training-of-trainers program for party pollwatchers drawn from seven of the main Kenyan political parties and coalitions. By building the capacity of a dedicated group of trainers, NDI will enable party pollwatchers across the country to more effectively execute their roles and responsibilities in accordance with international and domestic standards for election monitoring.