Sierra Leone

Action Plus (AP)
To improve the leadership skills of civic activists and strengthen civic organizations. AP will conduct a workshop for community activists on advocacy skills for effective engagement with chiefdom and district authorities, host a coalition-building workshop for community-based organizations to develop strategies to influence local government policy decisions on revenue allocation and development, and by organizing six dialogues addressing issues of accountability at the community level.

Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR)
To build the capacities of government and civil society leaders to advocate for local development and human rights. CDHR will organize civic education workshops for civil society activists, councilors, traditional and religious leaders, local court officials, members of Ward Development Committees, and young people, and produce radio discussion programs on human rights and local council activities.

Foundation for International Dignity (FIND)
To improve relations between host communities and displaced and returnee populations. FIND will organize a series of focus group discussions for rural communities hosting refugees and returnees; conduct training sessions for leaders in refugee, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and returnee communities; and also hold training sessions for community-based organizations, local community leaders, youth and women’s groups, and host community governments.

Green Scenery
To improve understanding and respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law among commercial motorbike drivers and community leaders in Makeni. Green Scenery will conduct a training-of-trainers workshop on international human rights standards and local protection measures for community leaders and leaders of commercial motorbike associations, a workshop on democracy and civic education, and a workshop on the rule of law and peace-building for 60 leaders of commercial motorbike associations.

Media Foundation for Peace and Development (MFPD)
To increase political awareness about civil rights and civic duties among Sierra Leoneans, especially young people. MFPD will continue to broadcast its popular weekly “Democracy Now” and “Youth Now” radio programs. The programs will feature live panel discussions on issues such as unemployment, training, access to justice, and access to social services.

National Accountability Group (NAG)
To enhance citizen’s participation in a free and transparent electoral process. NAG will organize a leadership training program for community leaders in three regions across the country and will hold three-day workshops in Freetown, Makeni, and Bo with traditional and religious leaders; members of leading civil society organizations; MPs; journalists; and officials from the judiciary, the police, the military, and prisons.

Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI)
To sensitize policymakers to the need for a legal framework protecting freedom of information in Sierra Leone. SDI will hold workshops for policymakers on: the historical context of freedom of information; rescinding the criminal libel law; and how freedom of information reinforces government accountability, poverty reduction, democracy, economic development, and press freedom. SDI will also lead an education outreach campaign advocating for increased public pressure to pass the Freedom of Information Bill.