Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD)
To advocate for the inclusion of a peace education and human rights curriculum in the formal education system of Mogadishu. CPD will host a series of four three-day workshops to provide a basic overview of the principles of conflict management, human rights, peace education and good governance. CPD will also broadcast 12 hour-long talk shows promoting peace, human rights, gender equity, and good governance on local radio stations.

Dr. Ismail Jumale Human Rights Organization (DIJHRO)
To increase the involvement of civil society in human rights monitoring and peace-building efforts. DIJHRO will host a human rights workshop, a series of public discussion forums, and continue its program of human rights investigation, documentation, monitoring, and advocacy in all eight regions of Somalia.

Gashan Human Rights Organization (GAHRO)
To improve the social interaction between dominant and marginalized communities in central Somalia and reduce inhuman traditional behaviors. GAHRO will conduct three inter-related workshops. All three workshops will examine these issues in the context of universal principles of human rights, Islamic shari’a principles, and Somali culture.

Gol-yome Rehabiliation and Development Organization (GREDO)
To expand awareness and acceptance of democratic principles among the traditional leaders of Baidoa. GREDO will hold five three-day workshops that will provide education and training on democratic principles, the rule-of-law, good governance, and human rights.

HornAfrik Media
To enhance the capacity of journalists and civil society leaders to prevent conflict. HornAfrik will conduct a workshop for journalists, producers, and civil society organization leaders from four key regions of South and Central Somalia. The workshop will provide training on conflict resolution and the production of media programs that initiate dialogue and promote alternatives to violent conflict. The training will be complemented by an ambitious program of 100 radio programs that explore the conflict mediation efforts of local civil society organizations and traditional leaders.

Humanitarian Action for Relief and Development Organization (HARDO)
To increase the involvement of civil society in human rights monitoring and peace-building efforts. HARDO will hold a series of workshops, public debates, drama events, radio programs, and public commemorations promoting human rights.

International New Safety Institute (INSI)
To promote the safety of journalists and media staff in Somalia. INSI will organize risk-awareness training for 75 Somali journalists and establish a national safety information exchange dedicated to providing media workers with up-to-the minute security reports and assistance.

Kaalo Relief and Development
To improve the respect for human rights in Puntland State of Somalia by educating citizens, raising the awareness of government officials, and strengthening the capacity of human rights activists. Kaalo will mobilize its volunteer activists to monitor, investigate, and document human rights abuses in detention facilities and internally displaced persons’ camps. Kaalo will also organize discussions with local authorities to obtain information and pursue immediate remedies for human rights problems.

Mubarak for Relief Development Organization (MURDO)
To enhance public awareness of human rights in the Lower and Middle Jubba regions of Somalia. MURDO will conduct a human rights awareness campaign that will include six four-day training workshops held in various districts of Lower and Middle Jubba.

National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)
To strengthen and expand press freedom in Somalia. NUSOJ will conduct two five-day workshops focused on improving the technical capacity of 30 editorial staff and instilling in journalists the duties and responsibilities of investigative journalism. NUSOJ will also host a three-day seminar on democracy, conflict, and press freedom for 50 journalists and editors and seven five-day workshops for a total of 210 media practitioners on the topic of peace and conflict reporting.

Radio Banadir
To increase momentum for the Somali peace process by improving the negotiation, communication, and listening skills of civil society leaders. Radio Banadir’s program will encourage civil society to adopt established rules of order during public meetings, communicate effectively, employ negotiation techniques, and adopt active listening skills. Radio Banadir will also continue to produce a monthly newsletter, posters,and brochures that address topics related to peace, tolerance and human rights.

Radio Daljir
To advance and prevent the erosion of women’s rights through media advocacy. Radio Daljir will supplement its programming for the people of the Galkayo region of Somalia with a Daljir Women’s Desk (dWd). Through a series of monthly meetings, the advisory group to the dWd will organize community outreach to religious clerks, doctors, and traditional leaders; will make decisions regarding programmatic design and content; and will monitor feedback received from the community.

Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC)
To enhance women’s role in the peace process and politics of Somalia. SSWC will host a one-day consultative workshop for 40 women participants prominent in civil society, business, and the government, including the parliament of the Transitional Federal Government, to establish the mandate and modalities of the Women Political Caucus.

Shabelle Media Network
To promote fairness and accuracy in reporting by enhancing the professional capacity of journalists in Somalia. Shabelle will hold a series three of workshops for a total of 75 members of its professional freelance staff. Over the course of three days, the participants will be trained in the basics of journalism, professional ethics, and the need for diversity and pluralism.

Somali Human Rights Action (SOHRA)
To promote the peaceful reconciliation of communities in the central regions of Somalia. SOHRA will organize a series of three training seminars on the importance of observing and respecting human rights. The trainings will be held in Bulo Burte, Beledwyne, and Jalazi and will target a total of 90 community leaders involved in local peace-making efforts, of which at least 35 percent will be women.

Somali Peace Line (SPL)
To promote the rule of law and the protection of human rights by government officials. SPL will hold a series of workshops in Mogadishu on the role of human rights and democracy in promoting the rule of law. The workshops will engage commissioners from the 16 districts of Mogadishu, representatives from the Banadir regional administration, civil society leaders, and police officers in a dialogue on incorporating democracy and human rights principles into Somali culture and the practice of law.

Somali Women Journalist Association (SOWJA)
To strengthen the capacity of women journalists and to expand press freedoms for women journalists in Somalia. SOWJA will conduct three six-day training workshops for a total of 75 women reporters and program producers.

Somali Youth for Peace and Democracy (SYPD)
To create an understanding of democracy in 120 young people in Mogadishu. SYPD will undertake four workshops on democracy for 120 youth leaders in Mogadishu. The workshop participants will be drawn from youth groups and clubs based in Mogadishu, and priority will be given to young people that are currently serving as militia members or working in militia training camps.