Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO)
To challenge the Somali cultural assumptions undermining women’s ability to participate in civic and political decision-making processes. BVO will host a high-profile meeting between women community members and prominent community, political, and clan leaders and a workshop for women who have successfully taken leadership roles within their communities. BVO will also conduct a media campaign to promote awareness of women’s civic and political rights under Somaliland law.

Consortium of Somaliland NGOs (COSONGO)
To strengthen civil society organizations’ capacity and knowledge of democracy, free and fair elections, and the rule of law. COSONGO will conduct training workshops on civic education for local partner organizations located in the Awdal and Togdher regions of Somaliland. COSONGO will also organize participatory dialogue development workshops for the joint sub-committee and technical group nominated by the Somaliland parliament to review the pending Somaliland Local NGO Act.

Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT)
To improve the skills of the professional staff of both houses of parliament, to promote transparency, and to facilitate legislative work through improved access to information. IPRT will continue to produce the electronic version of the Xog Warran, the official House of Representatives bulletin, and will conduct an extended training course on internet and research skills for eight newly-recruited members of the parliamentary staff.

Somaliland Society for Independent Journalists and Writers (SSJW)
To increase interaction between the media and MPs. SSJW will hold 12 one-day meetings for 20 participants drawn from Somaliland’s media outlets and both houses of parliament and two three-day consultative workshops for ten journalists and MPs. SSJW will also undertake a comprehensive baseline survey of the Somaliland media that will include organizational capacity details and contact information.

Somaliland Voice of Youth (SOLVOY)
To identify mutual needs and opportunities for cooperation between youth organizations and women’s organizations in Hargeisa. SOLVOY will conduct a series of four five-day workshops for potential youth leaders in the Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland.

Somaliland Youth Development Association (SOYDA)
To raise awareness of human rights violations in Hargeisa Central Prison. SOYDA will provide educational, recreational, and sanitation services to 250 inmates and 100 guards of the Hargeisa Central Prison and will seek to advocate for prisoners’ rights, particularly the rights of juvenile prisoners, on a case-by-case basis, and will use its growing influence with the prison commissioner to facilitate the entry of an increased number of local and international human rights monitors to the prison.

Somaliland Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO)
To provide potential youth leaders in rural areas of Somaliland with a basic understanding of democratic values and practices. SOYVO will mobilize a group of potential youth leaders through practical civic education that will emphasize issues relevant and accessible to young people. The project will culminate in a symposium at which 80 selected workshop participants will be invited to meet with 20 local political leaders.

Togdheer Youth Voluntary Organization (TOGYOVO)
To enhance the accountability of local NGOs in the Togdheer region. TOGYOVO will conduct training workshops on organizational accountability and good governance for local NGOs. The training will include segments on appropriate divisions of power, the importance of conducting regular and fair elections for internal leadership positions, the need to respect term limitations, strategic planning, and methods for overcoming gender biases in leadership.

Voice of Somaliland Minority Women (VOSOMWO)
To obtain a commitment from high-level officials to support policies that reduce discrimination and human rights abuses against the Tumal, Yibir, and Gaboye minority groups. VOSOMWO will deploy human rights monitors to document human rights violations against the Tumal, the Yibir, and the Gaboye communities in eight districts of the Hargeisa region.

Women's Rehabilitation and Development Assoc. (WORDA)
To empower the women of Toghdeer region in local decision-making processes by enhancing their knowledge of human rights, good governance, and democracy. WORDA will collaborate closely with Togdheer community structures, local NGOs, and local authorities to hold a series of six civic education training workshops on human rights, good governance, and democracy in Burao for 75 women, traditional and religious leaders, NGO leaders, and civil authorities.