Centre d'Observation et de Promotion de l'Etat de Droit (COPED)
To strengthen traditional chiefs’ knowledge and support for democracy and the rule of law. COPED will conduct a nation-wide civic education campaign for 450 traditional leaders. Workshops will inform traditional leaders about their roles and responsibilities in a democracy, teaching them about customary and constitutional law, principles of good governance, transparent management of public resources, and conducting free and fair elections.

Concertation Nationale de la Société Civile (CNSC)
To mobilize citizens to participate in elections and post-election oversight of elected leaders. CNSC’s team of facilitators will visit the country’s 30 prefectures over six months, leading community discussions and debates on civic participation in democracy and community oversight of elected leaders. The community dialogues will be held as town hall meetings targeting opinion leaders, heads of local civic groups, teachers and students, and youth and women leaders.

Groupe de Réflexion et d'Action, Femme Démocratie et Développement (GF2D)
To improve women’s participation locally and nationally in Togo’s electoral process. GF2D will hold a five-day workshop for female candidates from urban and rural areas running in legislative and local elections. Training topics will include women’s participation in public life; difficulties confronting women in politics; communication techniques; campaign management; and ethics in politics. GF2D will then hold follow-up meetings and provide technical support to the candidates as they launch their campaigns.

La Conscience
To strengthen citizen participation in elections and support for a free, transparent, and peaceful electoral process. La Conscience will organize a national civic education tour of the country over three months. They will visit 250 towns and villages in eight prefectures, holding three conferences per day in public places such as churches, mosques, and schools.