West and Central Africa Regional

Global Rights
To strengthen the capacity of African civil society organizations to combat human rights violations associated with the exploitation of natural resources. Working with local civil society organizations, Global Rights will map out, in broad terms, the range of human rights issues associated with the exploitation of natural resources in several countries. Global Rights will produce a report on its findings: Tackling the Human Rights Dimensions of Natural Resource Exploitation: What Civil Society Can Do.

Gorée Institute
To create a space for reflection and dialogue on electoral processes and the state of democracy in West Africa. The Gorée Institute will conduct 15 case studies on elections in each of the countries in West Africa which will be published in a book, “The State of Democracy in West Africa.” The Institute will also create an Information Hub in which materials and documents pertaining to West African elections will be posted with a monthly case study.

West and Central Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (WACAHRI)
To increase regional solidarity among human rights organizations, including both Anglophone and Francophone groups, and work towards regional solutions to human rights problems.
WACAHRI will organize its second annual Human Rights Advocates Training Program. Modeled after Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Human Rights training program and the International Human Rights Colloquium in Brazil, WACAHRI’s training program will bridge academia and activism.