American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To build the capacity of free trade unions in Indonesia and strengthen research on national economic issues affecting labor. Working with local partners, the Solidarity Center will conduct a training program on collective bargaining for free trade unions in four municipalities, a conference bringing together labor law practitioners, a training workshop to raise awareness about laws and regulations that discriminate against women workers, and discussion forums and research projects on select economic and labor policy issues.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To build stronger and more effective mechanisms for the Indonesian public to present their views on government policies to decision-makers and the media. CIPE will support the Institute for the Study and Advancement of Business Ethics to hold a series of seminars to educate local parliamentarians on reform issues and publish the bi-annual magazine Jurnal Reformasi Ekonomi.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To strengthen corporate good governance practices in Indonesia’s private business sector. CIPE will provide technical assistance to the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship to conduct an in-depth survey of the corporate governance standards in over 350 publicly listed Indonesian firms and to organize a series of workshops to train corporate managers in good governance best practices.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To strengthen corporate good governance in the public and private business sector in Indonesia. In conjunction with Indonesia Business Links (IBL), CIPE will organize a series of workshops on corruption, business ethics, and good governance policies to assist the Indonesian government’s Corruption Eradication Commission in its efforts to improve corporate accountability and transparency. In addition, IBL will publish tool books on business ethics and produce a radio show and television program on corruption.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To strengthen the relationship between political parties, elected legislators, and their constituents in three provinces of Indonesia. IRI will provide a wide array of technical assistance to political parties and provincial-level legislators on constituent outreach and communication strategies.