American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To enhance workers’ understanding of and participation in electoral processes and to strengthen independent unions’ abilities to be professional and accountable to their membership, thus enabling workers to join unions that genuinely represent their interests. The Solidarity Center will provide support to two of Nepal’s largest democratic trade unions for voter education and get-out-the vote efforts in the run-up to the Constituent Assembly elections, and for a trade union strengthening project in the post-election period.

Antenna Foundation Nepal
To raise awareness of the Constituent Assembly and the constitution-drafting process through national and local radio programs. Antenna will produce three radio programs focused on Nepal’s political transition, including a live talk-show that allows listeners to call in and engage with program guests, and operate a mobile broadcasting platform that will travel to remote villages in an effort to improve access to information in rural areas.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To support balanced and informed media coverage of business and economic reform issues in Nepal. CIPE will work with the Nepal Press Institute to develop and implement an in-depth training program for rural journalists on market economics, business development, good corporate governance practices, investigative reporting, and journalism ethics.

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO)
To increase Dalit participation in the political process in rural Nepal and to promote Dalit rights. The NNDSWO will conduct a wide-ranging program, including advocacy, empowerment programs, and capacity-building components to raise awareness among Dalits of their rights and encourage the full participation of Dalits in Nepali society and public life.

Youth Action Nepal
To engage young people in the civic life of the country and to encourage youth organizations to take a more active role in the current political process. Youth Action Nepal will host a five-day study session on democracy and human rights and organize trainings and workshops on enhancing youth participation in the political process at the local and national level.