North Korea

Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights
To bring international attention to the human rights situation in North Korea. The Citizens’ Alliance will also promote awareness among South Koreans about North Korea and test methods of assisting North Koreans living in South Korea to adjust to citizenship in a democratic society.

Coalition for North Korean Women's Rights
To build the capacity of North Korean female defectors to be effective participants in the North Korean human rights and democracy movement. The Coalition, an organization run by North Korean female defectors, will train other North Korean female defectors in human rights issues, raise awareness about the plight of North Korean women through university tours, and build solidarity and distribute information among female defectors through an Internet forum.

The Daily NK
To disseminate accurate and timely information about North Korea. The Daily NK will publish an online newspaper in four languages serving audiences in South Korea and in the international community. The newspaper will include news and information about North Korean human rights issues as well as developments in North Korean politics and economics.

Database Center for North Korean Human Rights
To make publicly available well-organized documentation on human rights conditions in North Korea. The Center will classify and enter into its databaseinformation from interviews as well as published and unpublished written testimonies. The Center will also carry out individualized data searches in-house in order to respond to information requests from outside researchers, governments, UN bodies and human-rights advocates.

Democracy Network Against North Korean Gulag (NK Gulag)
To build the capacity of North Korean defectors in South Korea so they can participate more actively in international initiatives on North Korea. NK Gulag will provide 20 university-level defectors with English-language skills and basic leadership training, as well as an introduction to the fundamental concepts of democracy, so that they can articulate independently their messages to an international audience.

Education Welfare Research Institute Korea
To facilitate North Korean female defectors’ integration into South Korean society and engagement with democratic processes and activities. The Institute will train female defectors to become peer counselors to other female defectors so as to bring them out of isolation, foster solidarity between North and South Korean women, and encourage North Korean women’s engagement in civic life.

Free North Korea Radio Station (Free NK Radio)
To support the free flow of information in North Korea. Free NK Radio will produce and broadcast a daily radio program to increase the news, information, and independent commentary available to North Korean audiences.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To foster leaders, activists, and organizations committed to democracy and human rights in North Korea. IRI will develop a civic education program that focuses on leadership development and training, as well as other “Democracy 101” initiatives, to foster a corps of North Koreans living in South Korea who are able to serve as effective international interlocutors, activists, and civil society and political leaders.  

Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet)
To provide a forum for discussions on the future of North Korea. NKnet will hold strategy sessions to explore effective means of promoting political and economic liberalization in North Korea.

Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet)
To support the free flow of information in North Korea. NKnet will broadcast its daily Radio Free Chosun program, providing news and features on the Korean peninsula, to the North Korean public.

Open North Korea (formerly Open Radio for North Korea)
To support the free flow of information in North Korea. Open Radio will maintain a radio platform that enables organizations and groups outside of North Korea to broadcast information and feature programs to North Korean audiences.