American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To strengthen the democratic trade union movement in Pakistan, and to improve dialogue between labor and business on issues of economic reform and policy. The Solidarity Center will provide institutional and technical support to three Pakistani trade unions and sponsor a series of meetings that will bring together stakeholders representing labor, management, government and others to discuss issues facing Pakistani industry and workers.

Center for Civic Education (CCE)
To promote greater citizen participation and engagement in electoral processes and to strengthen dialogue between political parties and the public. CCE will conduct citizen-candidate dialogues in ten districts and produce monitoring reports on the media, political party platforms, and political finance.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To strengthen business institutions’ ability to address democratic and economic policy reform issues through advocacy and dialogue, and to improve access to information on democratic and economic reform in Pakistan. CIPE will work to strengthen business associations, improve economic journalism, and promote women entrepreneurship in Pakistan by organizing seminars, workshops, and a small grants program.

Center for Peace and Civil Society (CPCS)
To promote democratic ideas and values and to strengthen the role of civil society organizations, political parties, media, and academia in politics. CPCS will conduct a series of trainings and interactive dialogues organized around fundamental democratic principles as well as publish booklets, training manuals, and a quarterly journal.

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI)
To institutionalize mechanisms of public accountability and transparency through strengthening civil society and democratic processes. CPDI will organize trainings for civil society activists; community dialogues; public forums on accountability; and workshops for government officials, councilors, and members of national and provincial assemblies to sensitize them to issues of access to information and transparency in the use of public funds.

Center for Research, Communication and Dialogue (CRCD)
To build the capacity of journalists and support the development of independent media in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The CRCD, in partnership with the Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ), will publish an online newspaper covering the Tribal Areas and a weekly hard copy edition of the newspaper; organize a series of training workshops for tribal journalists; support the development of the TUJ’s institutional infrastructure.

Church World Service – Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS)
To inform the public about the election process and the role citizens need to play to ensure that Pakistan’s scheduled 2007 elections are as free and fair as possible. CWS ), a member of the Pakistan Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, will conduct interactive theatre training workshops, hold public forums, produce radio programs, and produce public service announcements to encourage participation in the election process.

Democratic Commission for Human Development (DCHD)
To promote basic awareness of human rights and democratic values among young people in the critical years before they reach voting age. DCHD will conduct a training-of-trainers workshop for project coordinators; organize one-day workshops in schools in 20 districts, reaching approximately 10,000 students; sponsor competitions to encourage students to read, write, and draw about human rights and democratic values; and publish its monthly human rights education newsletter.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To strengthen national party structures and the ability of political parties to run issue-based campaigns. IRI will provide technical assistance to political parties with a focus on improving the parties as democratic organizations capable of running effective election campaigns. The assistance will cover message development, voter outreach, candidate grassroots training, and public opinion polling.

Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP)
To cultivate a new generation of female leaders who will be prepared to take an active role in local government and civil society. The IDSP will develop the leadership capacity of young women in gender, development, and democracy in four districts of Balochistan.

Interactive Resource Center
To mobilize urban youth and marginalized communities in Pakistan to take an active role in the struggle for human rights. The Interactive Resource Center will train urban youth and other groups on community-based documentary filmmaking and on the use of interactive theater.

Internews Network
To promote increased information on the electoral process and political campaigns through building the capacity of FM radio stations. Internews will establish the first election newsrooms for independent Pakistani radio stations, train radio journalists in election-related coverage, and increase journalists’ access to information about the electoral process.

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organization (MMWWO)
To raise awareness of women’s rights in south Punjab. MMWWO will provide shelter and legal services to victims of human rights violations; hold seminars that aim to educate key stakeholders, including law enforcement, government officials, politicians, and civil society leaders about women’s rights; sponsor interactive theater performances on gender-related issues for local communities; and conduct capacity-building training for community-based women’s organizations on gender and development.

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organization (MMWWO)
To promote women’s rights and eliminate violence against women in two districts of the south Punjab.  The MMWWO will establish a women resource center, hold a series seminars and conferences on women’s rights, conduct capacity-building trainings for activists who will form a grassroots network, produce radio and television programs in Seraiki-language, and publish various advocacy materials on women’s rights.

National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP)
To promote greater respect and understanding of democratic norms, including respect for minority rights in Pakistan. NCJP will conduct a multifaceted project that includes the production of public education materials, orientation workshops for district-level NCJP members, public education meetings, district conventions on democracy and human rights, and a national-level conference on democracy and human rights.

Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation (OAKDF)
To develop citizen leadership and promote citizen activism in five districts of the Hazara region in the Northwest Frontier Province. OAKDF will initiate a budget monitoring project to increase local government accountability, organize People’s Assemblies to promote public debate on issues of concern for citizens, and strengthen broad-based civil society coalitions by holding forums and conventions to discuss advocacy strategies.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF)
To improve the responsiveness and accountability of local government, landowners, corporations, and other powerful interests on a wide array of issues impacting the livelihoods of fisherfolk. The PFF will organize district and national level events to raise awareness of fisherfolk issues, conduct community meetings in more than 30 villages, facilitate the formation of Citizen Community Boards, and organize training and capacity-building workshops.

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)
To build the capacity of local civil society organizations to better understand the media and to increase information sharing and cooperation between rural journalists and local civil society organizations. The PPF will conduct training programs and workshops for journalists and civil society actors in eight districts of the Sindh and publish the Pakistan Press Freedom Report and Urdu-language Guidelines on Covering the Election.

Potohar Organization for Development Assistance (PODA)
To strengthen public participation and improve government accountability on a local level in rural Pakistan. PODA will conduct four interrelated activities to promote human rights and democratic practices in the Potohar region: social mobilization, developing democracy resource centers and theater groups to promote awareness of democracy and human rights, promoting grassroots democracy through village school councils, and building and strengthening networks of rural councilors.

Shehri – Citizens for a Better Environment
To strengthen the capacity of law enforcement to respond to human rights violations and to improve the public accountability of the police through greater citizen-police interaction. Shehri-CBE will hold a series of workshops and trainings targeting both police and local residents in Karachi, and establish a Citizen-Police Human Rights Program to coordinate joint activities between the police and the community.

Uks - Research, Resource and Publication Centre on Women and Media
To improve journalistic standards, promote issue-based programming and investigative journalism in radio, and promote positive portrayals of women and gender-related issues in the media . Uks will conduct a training in radio journalism on development and democracy and produce a ten-part radio series called “Hamari Tarraqui, Hamari Awaz (Our Development, Our Voice)” which will be broadcast through FM channels in three districts of Pakistan.

Women Media Center (WMC)
To promote the use of documentary film as a medium to communicate in-depth news, narratives of ordinary citizens, and opinions on pressing issues and to increase the involvement of Pakistani female journalists in documentary film production. The WMC will organize trainings for female journalists from across Pakistan  and support selected female journalists in researching, writing, and producing a documentary focused on women’s rights and empowerment.