Center for International Private Enterprise
To promote the understanding and implementation of corporate governance best practices among the Philippine business community and regulatory agencies. CIPE, in partnership with the Institute for Corporate Directors (ICD), will conduct a survey and produce a report and scorecard that will serve as an analytical tool for improving transparency in the reporting systems of publicly listed firms. ICD will organize conferences, meetings, and working groups to promote the project and improve corporate governance advocacy in the Philippines.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To support the Institute for Solidarity in Asia’s (ISA) efforts to encourage responsible citizenship and good governance. ISA will use workshops and training sessions to help public officials, civic leaders, international partners, and the business community to create long-term plans for improving governance based on its Public Governance System and Scorecard programs.

International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov)
To consolidate, empower, and mobilize a community of reformers dedicated to advancing sustainable, democratic reform in the Philippines. INCITEGov will conduct monthly membership governance conversations, produce and circulate in-depth policy analysis and research publications, and coordinate networking and advocacy initiatives to advance policy reform in key sectors.

National Democratic Institute (NDI)
To enhance the ability of women activists in Muslim Mindanao to compete effectively in local council elections. NDI will provide the Political Caucus of Women Leaders in Mindanao with technical and financial assistance to develop and implement a training program for potential women candidates in the mainland and island provinces of Muslim Mindanao.

National Democratic Institute (NDI)
To promote informed discussion and debate on political and electoral reform in the Philippines. NDI will facilitate discussions among political parties and civil society, especially youth and student groups, on political reform issues in central and southern Luzon, as well as Visayas and Mindanao in the run-up to October 2007 village and youth council elections.