Albanian Coalition against Corruption (ACAC)
To promote government accountability at the municipal level in Albania. ACAC will support citizen groups promoting good governance in 40 communities, thereby improving local government transparency, fostering dialogue between local elected officials and citizens on good governance, increasing national awareness of good governance principles, and helping to promote best practices in local government.

Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS)
To promote the transparency, accountability, and efficiency of local government and to increase citizens’ involvement in the decision-making process in ten municipalities throughout Albania. AIIS will conduct surveys, interviews, and town hall meetings with citizens and local government officials; prepare and publish a Municipal Corruption Index to be publicized through a national conference in Tirana; and conduct civic awareness campaigns in each municipality.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) Regional
To improve the professional skills of local journalists to produce investigative reports on key issues in Albania. Ten journalists will receive on-the-job training by working with a BIRN mentor based in Bosnia and Herzegovina on at least two articles per month, which will be published in BIRN`s online magazine Balkan Insight. BIRN will also conduct a two-day training workshop in Tirana on investigative reporting skills.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To increase the number of women political candidates and campaign managers, as well as promote the recognition of women as valuable political party members, leaders, and officials in Albania. NDI will conduct an intensive political and leadership training course for women activists and an advocacy campaign to address priority issues indentified by Albania’s citizens.