Agency for Local Development Initiatives (ALDI)
To strengthen the advocacy capacity of local civil society organizations. ALDI will train representatives from 10 NGOs and 15 informal civic groups in basic advocacy and budgeting skills and provide them with the tools necessary to participate actively in the policy-making process in their respective municipalities. ALDI will also develop a web portal ( containing information about municipal and federal budgets.

Alternativna Televizija (ATV)
To produce a series of investigative programs addressing a variety of social, political, and economic challenges facing Bosnian citizens. ATV will produce a series of 17 weekly programs, entitled “Dossier,” which will investigate different types of crime and corruption, including the misuse of political power, corruption in the judiciary and other government branches, embezzlement, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and war crimes proceedings.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) Bosnia and Herzegovina
To promote transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BIRN will produce its Justice Report magazine, which offers daily news and analysis on domestic war crimes trials, rule of law developments, past human rights abuses, and the impact these developments have on local communities. “Justice Radio,” the audio version of the report, will be offered to over 70 radio stations across the country.

Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe
To train Bosnian schoolteachers and teacher trainers in modern teaching methods promoting democratic principles, such as an awareness and understanding of multi-perspective history, comparative approaches, and participatory learning. The Center will distribute civic education teaching materials to high schools and organize train-the-trainer and local teacher training workshops.

Center for Informative Decontamination of Youth
To encourage public debate on the most important social, political and economic issues affecting citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Center will produce 17 episodes of the weekly program “Buka ” (“Noise”), a popular live television talk show aimed primarily at young people, the segment of society most susceptible to political and civic apathy, in Republika Srpska.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To increase private sector participation in the policymaking process in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) at the national and regional levels. Working with the Association for Promoting Transparency in the BiH Economy (UPTE), CIPE will expand a database of small- and medium-sized private businesses, survey the business community about impediments to economic development, create a business advisory board that will develop policy recommendations, and establish a business trust index for BiH.

Civil Society Promotion Center
To promote the accountability of elected officials and encourage citizen participation in the legislative process. The Center will monitor the performance of the three parliaments and disseminate information about the work of elected representatives both through its website ( and monthly press conferences in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The Center will also organize regular meetings and foster cooperation between the representatives and their constituents.

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska
To raise awareness about human rights standards and increase government accountability in Republika Srpska. The Committee will monitor and respond to human rights violations, disseminate its human rights monitoring reports electronically as well as through press conferences and educational TV programs, mobilize public opinion against ultranationalist extremism, and provide free legal aid to victims of human rights abuses.

Human Rights Office Tuzla
To advance legislative reform protecting the rights of national minorities and promote their political participation at all levels of government. The Human Rights Office will organize a series of public debates to encourage discussion on minority issues and develop recommendations for improving minority rights legislation. It will also provide targeted training to enable national minority leaders to articulate their needs and concerns through political and civic activities.

Independent Radio Studio N
To promote the accountability of local governments in western Herzegovina . A series of weekly radio programs will combine investigative reporting with debates on current affairs to foster discussion on key issues facing Bosnia and Herzegovina and contribute to citizens’ ability to hold decision makers accountable for their policies and actions prior to the 2008 local elections.

Studio 88
To strengthen independent media and promote the accountability of government institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Studio 88 will produce a weekly radio program entitled “Looking for the Answer,” which will investigate key issues such as corruption and ethnic discrimination in local administrations. Each live program will include a presentation by a representative of the Ombudsman’s Office and interviews with citizens and relevant government representatives.

Tuzla Citizens' Forum
To encourage public participation in the legislative process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Forum will promote the adoption of legislation reforming local government by organizing an awareness campaign, a series of public debates in five Bosnian cities, and an expert roundtable discussion, the conclusions of which will be included in the draft law and presented to the BiH Parliament.

Youth Communication Center
To enable student activists in Republika Srpska to play a more effective role in advocating for youth related issues. The Center will increase the skills of regional representatives of the Network of Secondary School Students of the RS (MreSURS) and facilitate their cooperation with government authorities, while its radio station will produce a series of programs to raise awareness about problems facing youth in the country.

Youth Information Agency (OIA)
To promote youth activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing an innovative way for youth to learn more about the impact they can have in their communities. OIA will produce four episodes of a youth civic education television program, develop a complementary educational package of materials for 300 high schools, and train over 100 high school teachers on how to use the civic education materials.