Association of Independent Broadcast Media of Kosovo (AMPEK)
To foster media freedom and diversity, defend the professional rights and interests of independent media, and promote the establishment and implementation of a legal framework that complies with international standards for free and independent media in Kosovo. The Association will continue to monitor, document, and analyze media-related legislation while building its institutional capacity and promoting its financial sustainability.

BIRN Kosovo
To encourage public debate on key issues facing Kosovo. BIRN will produce a series of TV debates on current affairs topics affecting citizens in Kosovo, such as the final status settlement and establishment of a future EU mission. Titled “Life in Kosovo,” the weekly program will be broadcast by Radio Television Kosova while select episodes will be shown on B92 in Serbia.

Initiative for Progress (INPO)
To promote free, fair, and transparent elections in southern Kosovo. INPO will organize a get-out-the-vote campaign targeting first-time voters, initiate an anticorruption campaign targeting the Ferizaj City Council, and monitor the November 2007 elections in Ferizaj, Shterpce, Kacanik, Shtime, and Hani I Elezit. Following the elections, INPO will carry out a number of initiatives to promote local government transparency and accountability in Ferizaj.

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI)
To encourage public debate on major governmental initiatives and increase the transparency and accountability of the Central Assembly in Kosovo. KDI will monitor the work of the Assembly for compliance with existing legislation and procedures, track legislative processes and trends, and publish and distribute performance scorecards and analytical reports. KDI will also organize roundtable discussions and workshops for civic activists, media, and Assembly Members.

Kosova Live News Agency
To promote the accessibility of high quality, unbiased information in Kosovo. Kosova Live will provide its daily news service free of charge to 25 independent local radio stations that would otherwise not have access to independent sources of information. The news service is available in Albanian and Serbian. Several of the radio stations are multilingual and broadcast in minority languages.

NGO Forum Gjakova
To develop leadership skills and promote democratic values and tolerance among young people in Kosovo. The Forum will facilitate the establishment of student councils in eight high schools in Kosovo and advocate for the adoption and implementation of regulations permitting student councils in all municipalities in Kosovo prior to the 2008-09 academic year.

Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) – Kosovo
To encourage conflict resolution, interethnic reconciliation, and civic activism among youth in Kosovo. YIHR will conduct a small grants program to support local civic initiatives. By providing financial and technical assistance, YIHR will encourage young activists from different ethnic backgrounds to cooperate on resolving local problems and take part in decision-making processes, human rights campaigns, and other civic activities.