Association of Independent Press (API)
To raise awareness of political bias and disinformation in media prior to the June 2007 local elections in Moldova. API and its partners will monitor the election-related coverage of local and national newspapers, radio, and television stations, publish monitoring reports, conduct regular press conferences, and design and advocate for adherence to an electoral code of conduct for print and electronic media.

Association for Participatory Democracy (ADEPT)
To promote free and fair elections in Moldova. ADEPT will conduct a nonpartisan voter education and mobilization campaign prior to the June 2007 local elections. ADEPT will publish and distribute an educational poster on voting rules and procedures, produce and air voter education radio and TV clips, and maintain a website dedicated to providing up-to-date, nonpartisan information on and analysis of electoral issues, candidate platforms, and electoral legislation and procedures.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To strengthen the capacity of business associations to engage in policymaking and advance public-private dialogue in Moldova. CIPE will support the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” in building a coalition of business associations, which will develop a National Business Agenda through an advocacy campaign for policy reform. CIPE will assess the organizational needs of business associations and help them to develop their capacity for advocacy and institutionalize best practices.

Eco-TIRAS International Environmental Association of River Keepers
To promote the development of the third sector in Transnistria. Eco-TIRAS will provide technical assistance to five existing NGO resource centers, establish a new resource center in Dnestrovsk, and conduct training seminars on fundraising, financial management, publishing, and media cooperation. Eco-TIRAS will organize small grants competitions, conduct a study trip to Romania for civic activists, and organize a roundtable for NGO leaders and journalists.

Investigative Journalism Center
To foster the development of investigative journalism in Moldova. The Center will provide technical and financial assistance to investigative reporters for the development and publication of articles on corruption-related topics. The Center will also research and write pieces of investigative journalism, act as a resource for journalists, and provide free legal advice to investigative journalists who have been harassed or intimidated by the government.

League for the Defense of Human Rights of Moldova (LADOM)
T o promote a free and fair election process in Moldova prior to the June 2007 local elections. LADOM will train long- and short-term observers, monitor voting and tabulating procedures on election day, conduct a parallel vote count in three cities, publicize instances of electoral fraud through regular reports and press conferences, and organize a post-election conference in Chisinau.

National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM)
To encourage youth participation in the political process in advance of the June 2007 local elections in Moldova. CNTM will organize two training seminars, oversee 11 nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaigns, create an electoral hotline, produce and broadcast short radio and video spots encouraging young people to vote, and publish and distribute voter education and mobilization materials, including 20,000 leaflets, 10,000 stickers and balloons, and 100 training guides.

Promo-Lex Association
To strengthen the third sector and foster greater coordination among NGOs in Transnistria and the rest of Moldova. Promo-Lex will continue operating its NGO Resource and Development Center in Cosnita, which will publish a monthly e-bulletin and distribute educational brochures, offer free legal aid, and conduct a series of roundtable discussions, trainings, and seminars. The Association will also award small grants of up to $500 to two organizations from the region.