Association for Equality and Tolerance (AET)
To assist Cool Radio, a station devoted to broadcasting information about civil society and promoting democratic values among youth in Montenegro. AET will continue to produce f non-commercial programming for Cool Radio, including a special program on NGO activities and issues important to university students. AET will also offer training in radio journalism for university students interested in working at the station.

Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM)
To monitor and assess the state of democracy in Montenegro. CEDEM will analyze the correlation between citizens’ perceptions of democracy, determined by a series of public opinion surveys, and the objective state of democracy, based on an analysis of empirical results and practices. The results will be published in a series of three reports, and also in book form as a Democracy Index.

Center for Democratic Transition
To encourage active youth participation in the political reform process and strengthening of democratic institutions by conducting an internship program in the Montenegrin government, including the Office of the President. The Center will place two groups of 12 students of the University of Montenegro in state government institutions for a period of five and seven months and provide them with the necessary training in government history, organization, and operations.

Center for Development of NGOs (CRNVO)
To improve the level of communication and cooperation between the Montenegrin government and NGOs. Building on its previous efforts to identify communication problems between the two sectors, CRNVO will publish updated directories of active NGOs and relevant public officials, design an NGO database for every government ministry, organize training seminars for public servants, and promote NGO-government cooperation in the media.

Network for the Affirmation of NGO Sector – MANS
To help improve anticorruption legislation in Montenegro by advocating and building public support for the adoption of a revised Law on Conflict of Interest and facilitating its enforcement. MANS will implement a public awareness campaign on the need for improved legislation, develop recommendations for reforms, and provide free legal advice to citizens reporting instances of conflict of interest.

Radio Antena M
To encourage public debate on and raise awareness about key issues facing Montenegro’s citizens. Antena M will produce a series of radio programs titled “The Alphabet of Civic Rights,” which will include investigative reports and news analysis, as well as studio interviews and debates on leading social, political, and economic issues.