NGO Development
To strengthen Belarus’ third sector and civil society, especially in the regions, through support for NGO resource centers, small grants, training, equipment, independent publications, legal aid, civic activities, and operating expenses.

Independent Media
To strengthen prodemocratic sources of objective information including independent newspapers and “alternative media,” such as unregistered (samizdat) publications, Internet websites and documentary films that are breaking the information blockade imposed by the dictatorial regime in Belarus.

Human Rights Protection
To support networks of activists who monitor and publicize human and civil right violations, educate citizens about the country’s human rights situation, and defend those who have been repressed by the regime, especially in the run-up to the local elections in January 2007.

To support the activities of Central European groups which are sharing their experience, skills and program models with counterparts in Belarus via study visits, internships, and other training and networking programs.

Election Processes
To educate citizens, mobilize voters, support prodemocratic coalitions, and monitor polling stations through nonpartisan election-related programs prior to Belarus’ 2008 parliamentary elections.

Civil Society Development
To support a variety of programs being conducted by independent organizations, including civic education, local government reform, and business association development.