American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To strengthen labor unions in Georgia. The Solidarity Center will conduct a series of trainings throughout the country for union recruiters who will then work to expand union membership. The recruiters will lay the ground work for the expansion of unions into new sectors. The Solidarity Center will draw on the experience of Ukrainian trade unions to train the new union volunteers.

Article 42 of the Constitution
To bring about judicial review of new legislation that violates constitutional norms and to make the public aware of this procedure as an effective means of defending citizens’ rights. The organization will identify new laws that violate the constitution, find cases concerning them that can be litigated, and bring those cases to the Constitutional Court. The organization will also conduct a public awareness campaign about the cases.

Association Atinati
To inform the public about NGOs in the Samogrelo region of Georgia and stimulate greater activism among the region’s youth. The Association will produce three weekly radio shows which will be broadcast on its station, Atinati, that reaches the Samogrelo and Abkhazia regions. Atinati will publish a monthly newsletter and organize trainings and community service projects for young people to encourage them to become activists.

Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD)
To launch a new public policy research center, which will provide training in public policy analysis for young professionals and graduate students. CIPDD will conduct a series of trainings and develop a curriculum and training materials. Participants will learn how to analyze political problems faced by policy makers and be challenged to come up with realistic solutions to those problems.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To provide technical and financial assistance to the Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG) and New Economic School of Georgia (NESG) to promote democratic governance and raise the level of public awareness of key principles of economic reform. AYEG will undertake an in-depth policy analysis process to identify priorities for reform within the Georgian business community, develop sound policy recommendations, and raise public awareness of and support for these initiatives. NESG will educate journalists in the principles of free-market economics and the fundamentals of supporting the independent, reform-oriented business community.

Cultural Humanitarian Fund Sukhumi
To promote women’s leadership in politics, particularly women leaders from among Georgians who were displaced by the war in Abkhazia. The Fund will conduct monthly meetings of “Women Voters” clubs and conduct a campaign to persuade women to vote. Prior to the parliamentary elections of 2008, the Fund will organize a “civic forum,” which may launch a “League of Women Voters.”

Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights
T o conduct human rights monitoring and coordinate activities of the NGO coalition “Civil Society for Democratic Georgia.” The group will prepare a report about the judiciary, conduct human rights monitoring, and provide legal assistance to the most vulnerable members of society. The organization will monitor trials, conduct a series of roundtable discussions, publish a monthly e-bulletin, hold a conference, and publish a final report.

Georgia for North Atlantic Treaty Organization
To educate the public about the military, political, and economic reforms that are the prerequisites for NATO membership. Georgia for NATO will hold five roundtables to discuss the necessity of such reforms. Each session will focus on a particular issue: the independence of the judiciary, transparency of the defense budget, the role of the legislative branch as a counterbalance to presidential power, and the electoral system.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Center
To improve human rights practices in Georgia. The Center will monitor and report on human rights, provide free legal aid, and support the activities of two regional human rights centers. The Center will also train future lawyers in human rights through internships and submit human rights reports to the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe and other international organizations.

To create mechanisms of civic oversight and improve channels of communication between civil society and the government. Horizonti will organize regular meetings between civil society and political party leaders in the capital. In three regions, Horizonti will work with local civic groups to monitor the activities of local governments and produce televised talk shows about local issues.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To provide technical and financial assistance to the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) to promote and monitor citizen access to information. The program will increase citizen access to information, raise the level of accountability of local government officials, and educate university students about electoral laws and processes. ISFED will facilitate town hall meetings between local officials and citizens on issues of community interest and will monitor the meetings of local governments.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
2005 Reprogrammed Funds
To provide technical and financial assistance to the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), which will promote and monitor citizens’ access to information in order to increase the accountability and transparency of newly-elected local governments. ISFED will hold town hall meetings between local officials and citizens on issues of community interest. NDI will advise ISFED on project management, volunteer recruitment and management, staff development, and media relations and outreach.

Open Society – New Kutaisi
To train civil society representatives from Georgia’s Imereti regionto monitor the budgetary process. New Kutaisi will conduct trainings, publish a book and a monthly newspaper insert, and produce four segments of a local television program. At the end of the program there will be a two-day conference to share methodologies and identify potential partners from other regions in Georgia.

Studio Reporter
To produce four documentary films about human rights and civil liberties in Georgia. Each film will be screened at a movie theater in Tbilisi. Following the screening there will be a discussion of the issues raised by the film by the producer and NGO representatives. Studio Reporter will also distribute the film on DVD and make it available for broadcast to the Kavkasia television station.