Center for International Private Enterprise
To enhance the ability of young journalists to report on economic and business issues. CIPE will award a subgrant to the Institute for Public Policy (IPP) to conduct workshops for young journalists and students on topics related to business and economics. Workshops will focus on the major industries in Kyrgyzstan, role of business associations and chambers of commerce, rule of law, and banking sector. IPP will meet with media outlet managers to explain the benefits of objective economic reporting.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To form a National Business Agenda (NBA) for Kyrgyzstan in conjunction with the Bishkek Business Club (BBC). BBC will travel abroad to learn the techniques of NBA formation and conduct roundtable discussions to build a coalition and design the NBA. The project will culminate in a national conference to launch the NBA and present it to the government, parliament, and political parties. BBC will conduct meetings with government officials to discuss recommendations made by the NBA.

International Republican Institute
To establish a Political Party Resource Center in Osh, a major southern city, to help political party branches and representatives improve their organizational, outreach, message development, recruitment, and fundraising skills. A short-term goal of the Center will be to facilitate cooperation between parties’ central and regional offices. A long-term goal will be to assist parties in preparing for the next parliamentary elections..

Jalalabad Regional Human Rights Organization “Spravedlivost”
To support a network of human rights NGOs in Jalalabad Oblast. Spravedlivost will coordinate a human rights network and serve as a resource center for NGOs in the region. The network provides pro bono legal services, monitors conditions in pre-trial detention, and observes the courts. Spravedlivost will administer a small grants program, train activists and lawyers on preventing torture, and manage a legal defense fund.

Independent Human Rights Group (IHRG)
To provide legal representation to people whose human rights have been violated. The Group will offer consultations on a wide range of legal issues. IHRG’s priorities will be strategic litigation against government officials violating the law, human rights abuses, and rights violations of a political nature. IHRG will advocate legal and judicial reforms, train local lawyers, and conduct information campaigns.

Institute for Public Policy (IPP)
To train youth leaders in analytical and rhetorical skills, expose young activists to policy discussions, and disseminate these ideas among rural youth, with a focus on the concepts and practices of free and fair elections. IPP will select and train 40 students who will participate in a week-long seminar, regular workshops, and monthly roundtable discussions.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
2006 Reprogrammed Funds

T o provide training and funding to Kyrgyz civic groups who will monitor democratic reforms and elections. NDI will work with the civic groups in areas such as strategic planning, fundraising and management. NDI will develop and operate 16 information centers in Kyrgyzstan. The centers will respond to citizen demand for independent information and encourage civic engagement to strengthen public participation and government accountability.

Public Association "Shoola Kol"
To support a network of activists in Issyk-Kul Oblast. Shoola Kol will maintain its network of six centers, offer free legal services, train independent election monitors, and conduct a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaign for the 2007 parliamentary elections. Shoola Kol will conduct seminars for young people, assist in the development of a youth association, and organize hearings with elected officials.

Public Foundation “Kylym Shamy”
To promote understanding of civic freedoms and human rights in Kyrgyzstan by establishing a strong legal foundation for freedom of assembly. The program will include eight seminars, monitoring, a rapid reaction team, and an information campaign. Kylym Shamy will establish two regional offices and provide information about freedom of association and assembly in Kyrgyzstan.

Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG)
To develop a national network of young activists and youth organizations, train university students in advocacy methods, sponsor local youth initiatives, and provide internships in Bishkek. YHRG will build on previous programs supporting discussions on youth policy and regional youth initiatives as a foundation for this year’s activities, which will develop the capacity of regional youth groups to plan and implement programs independently.