Asia Plus
To maintain and expand its network of regional correspondents whose reporting will be included in the organization’s existing radio, internet, and print publications. Asia Plus will also publish news bulletins or regional news outlets. The network of regional correspondents will facilitate an exchange of information among regions and between regions and the capital, and will maintain the Asia Plus website.

Center for the Support of Civil Society "Kalam"
To support the development of nascent NGOs in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan. The Center, based in Khorog, will organize a series of training seminars, a small grants program, legal consultations, and a weekly news publication.

The Independent Newspaper Tong
To publish a weekly independent periodical in the Uzbek language. The newspaper will focus on human rights, national and international issues, local news, and youth and women’s rights. The newspaper will serve the needs of the Uzbek speaking minority in the north of Tajikistan and Fergana Valley. The staff adheres to international journalistic standards and is committed to independent reporting.

Kuhi Nor
To support an Internet-based news service. Kuhi Nor will permit free access to its Avesta website, www.avesta.tj, which posts national and regional news daily, for local media and NGOs. The website includes analytical articles, international news, discussion forums, and opinion polls. Avesta will also distribute a weekly news bulletin to local news organizations and other NGOs.

National Association of Independent Mass Media in Tajikistan (NANSMIT)
To provide legal assistance to journalists in Dushanbe and two provincial cities, Khujand in the north and Kurgan-Tube in the south. NANSMIT will also conduct trainings for its staff, create an English version of its website, issue a monthly electronic bulletin, and publish a handbook on journalists’ rights.

NGO Fourth Power
To run a media resource center in Khujand. Fourth Power will provide Internet and other infrastructure support for media and publish a news bulletin. Every week, Fourth Power will provide local broadcasters with a 20-minute block of international and national news from the BBC. Fourth Power will also organize a ten-day training course for 15 young journalists in Khujand.

Republican Bureau of Human Rights and Rule of Law
To improve the observance of human rights in Tajikistan. The Bureau will provide free legal assistance to disadvantaged citizens and conduct monitoring and reporting on human rights violations. The organization will train law students in human rights work and publish a monthly newspaper article, a monthly analytical article, an annual report, and two booklets to inform citizens about their rights.

Republican Public Association “PARITET”
To improve the skills of Tajik human rights activists and attract young people to human rights work. The organization will provide a series of specialized trainings, organize a study tour to Moscow for human rights activists, and award five small grants to human rights organizations. PARITET will maintain a resource center where human rights defenders can obtain office support.

Public Association “Youth 21 st Century”
To promote civic activism among youth. The organization will conduct four seminars for 100 activists from Dushanbe and five regions of Tajikistan. The activists will hold similar seminars for their classmates. The Association will organize three debate tournaments in Dushanbe, publish a book of articles about youth policy, and distribute it among relevant government bodies, NGOs, and participants in this program.