To provide free legal services to the Turkmen population. Four programs will conduct legal seminars and trainings, offer legal assistance, and maintain a database of Turkmen legislation. The programs will inform Turkmen officials and international organizations about inadequacies in Turkmen legislation and ill try to deepen the level of legal knowledge among the Turkmen public by providing access to a legal resource center. The Center’s s taff will prepare cases, provide legal services to citizens, compile legislation, and publish an educational brochure on cases pertaining to property rights. In addition, monthly seminars will be held for rural populations and young lawyers will receive training.

To facilitate networking among experts and activists. Two meetings involving participants from Central Asia, the US, Europe, and Russia will assist local activists in developing concrete strategies to campaign more effectively on behalf of human rights. The main theme of the meetings will be to share information, discuss strategies, and promote joint programs and actions.

To conduct two programs that train secondary school educators in Turkmenistan in interactive teaching methods and computer and office skills.. The project will consist of four sets of trainings, a monthly bulletin, support for three resource centers, and development of an Internet-accessible database of instructions and sample materials for teachers’ use.

To document human rights violations and report on conditions in the country. The program will issue press releases, publish reports and analytical pieces on its website, and repost its content through Internet blogs.