Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia (Civil Association for Equality and Justice or ACIJ)
To strengthen the capacity of community groups in the villas miserias of Buenos Aires by increasing their ability to develop appropriate and effective strategies to improve their access to public services. ACIJ will provide the community groups with advice on legal and advocacy activities and will facilitate communication and cooperation between the groups on issues of common concern.

Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (Association for Civil Rights or ADC)
To increase legislative transparency at both the national and provincial levels, and to improve oversight of presidential decrees. ADC will monitor and publicize national legislation related to constitutional rights. ADC will post the votes of legislatures that require nominal voting on its website and will report on the voting records of legislators running for reelection at the national level and in seven targeted provinces. Finally, ADC will monitor legislative oversight of presidential emergency decrees.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To promote good corporate governance in Argentina. CIPE will work with the Center for Financial Stability (CEF) to prepare and disseminate their “Transparency and Disclosure” Index for financial and non-financial firms. Based on these findings, CEF will meet with regulators and make recommendations for improving corporate governance standards.

Ejercicio Ciudadano (Citizen Practice)
To improve transparency and citizen participation in the October 2007 electoral process in Santa Fe Province. Ejercicio Ciudadano will create a website with relevant information on the elections and participating candidates. It will organize workshops on the electoral process and political context and will monitor and report on political parties’ compliance with campaign financing laws. Finally, Ejercicio Ciudadano and the National University of Rosario will monitor election-day voting.

El Ágora (The Agora)
To increase the transparency of the October 2007 electoral process and the accountability of elected officials in Córdoba Province. Ágora will create a website with electoral information including candidate profiles and will facilitate agreements between citizens and candidates about public policy priorities. Agora will also monitor campaign spending and election-day voting. After the election, Agora will organize a seminar for new political leaders on citizen participation tools and innovative public policies.

Fundación Cambio Democrático (Democratic Change Foundation or FCD)
To teach collaborative negotiation strategies to communities in Mendoza Province which are currently debating the re-opening of a uranium mine. Cambio Democrático will conduct two intensive workshops and provide technical assistance as trainees design and implement a collaborative negotiation strategy. To share this experience with other communities facing conflict stemming from natural resource extraction, Cambio Democrático will draft a best practices manual.

Fundación Familiares de Víctimas Indefensas de Mendoza (Foundation for Family Members of Defenseless Victims in Mendoza or FAVIM)
To improve electoral transparency and citizen participation in the October 2007 electoral process in Mendoza Province. FAVIM will create a website with electoral information including candidate profiles. It will also train grassroots leaders across the province to use these electronic tools and will produce training materials that encourage an informed vote. FAVIM will partner with other organizations to monitor campaign spending and election-day voting.

Fundación Nueva Generación Argentina (Foundation for a New Generation in Argentina or FNGA)
To strengthen the capacity of neighborhood associations and other grassroots organizations in Santa Fe Province to influence public policy by using citizen participation tools. FNGA will encourage neighborhood associations to work together to advocate for public policies at the provincial level. Using members of the neighborhood associations as trainers, FNGA will expand its work to include other grassroots organizations in Rosario.

Poder Ciudadano (Citizen Power)
To help community groups to advocate collectively for their rights and needs at the local, provincial, and national levels of government. Poder Ciudadano will facilitate the development of the network’s action plan, which will include conducting a needs assessment; formulating public policy recommendations; developing an advocacy strategy, a media strategy, and a legal strategy; and studying the political platforms of candidates.