Asociación de Consejalas de Bolivia (Association of Bolivian Councilwomen or ACOBOL)
To identify and promote best practices to encourage women’s political participation at the local level. Focusing on political parties, electoral strategies and local governance, ACOBOL will conduct a participatory diagnosis to identify practices and actors that facilitate and hinder women’s participation at the local level. ACOBOL will use the results to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve women’s participation, and will disseminate it through training workshops, posters and radio programs across the country.

Fundación Vida (Life Foundation)
To promote the revision of national legislation to protect and defend human rights granted under the new constitution. Fundación Vida will work with young indigenous women from the remote north of Potosí to promote a greater understanding of their new rights, and revise legislation to defend these rights. Fundación Vida will also facilitate meetings between local indigenous communities, indigenous members of the Constituent Assembly and women’s organizations.

Iniciativa Ciudadana de Observación Electoral (Citizen Initiative for Election Observation or the Coalition)
To conduct a domestic election observation effort during the upcoming Constituent Assembly referendum. The Coalition will establish and operate two call centers where information gathered by volunteers from around the country will be collected, processed and analyzed. In addition, the Coalition will consolidate its institutional structure, improve internal communication among coalition member organizations, and raise the profile and visibility of the Coalition and its observation efforts.

Instituto de Investigación y Capacitación Pedagógica y Social (Institute for Pedagogical and Social Investigation and Training or IIPS)
To train citizens to monitor local government performance, identify community needs and participate more actively and constructively in public life. IIPS will continue working in nine municipalities in rural La Paz and expand its activities to three municipalities in neighboring Potosí. IIPS will conduct workshops on the rights and responsibilities of citizens, improving communications with local governments, and domestic violence.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To promote a system of local governance that responds to local community needs in municipalities where extractive industries are located. IRI will create synergies between local, regional and national government, local civil society actors and representatives from extractive industries to improve communications among stakeholders, promote citizen participation, and build local government capacity to meet community needs in a transparent, accountable and efficient manner.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To provide emerging women leaders with practical political and networking skills in order to increase their ability to participate in and influence decisionmaking processes and take on leadership roles in government, political parties and civil society. In coordination with the Simon Bolivar Andean University, NDI will implement a Political Leadership Training Academy to provide 30 women with practical skills training, emphasizing leadership, communications, planning and networking skills.

Observancia – Centro Interdisciplinario (Observance – Interdisciplinary Center)
To improve local governance and democratic practices in five municipalities of Bolivia by strengthening the capacity of local governments and civil society groups. Through tailored technical assistance and training, Observancia will help five medium-size municipalities improve the design and implementation of public projects that focus on quality of life issues. Observancia will also create a website to post training and reference materials and to facilitate discussions and exchanges among different municipalities.

To increase transparency in local government spending. Sayariy will design a citizen oversight guide and apply it to three rural municipalities in the department of Chuquisaca. Sayariy will train citizen observers on the legal and transparency norms required to make local governments’ procurement, contract and investment decisions. Observers will then witness all reviews, discussions and decisions made to disburse public resources, and will write monthly reports on their findings.