Asociación de Grupos Juveniles Libertad (Association for Youth Groups for Liberty or Grupos Juveniles)
To work with political candidates, elected officials, government representatives and community leaders on an agenda that advances the rights of Colombia’s Afro-descendant population at the local, regional, and national level. Grupos Juveniles will continue to work with the Afro-Colombian Congressional Caucus, strengthening its ability to develop legislation that benefits the country’s Afro-Latino population. Additionally, Grupos Juveniles will work with Afro-Colombian communities to provide workshops on drafting public policy proposals, and building relations with government officials.

Centro de Estudios de Derecho Justicia y Sociedad (Center for the Study of Justice and Society or DeJusticia)
To promote the legal defense of the human, political, social and economic rights in Colombia. Through four strategic litigation cases, Dejusticia will champion the rights of vulnerable populations and seek to establish precedent for the future protection of constitutional guarantees. Dejusticia will hold a series of training workshops and seminars with partner organizations, law students and practicing jurists to stimulate dialogue on and generate support for the use of strategic litigation in Colombia.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To strengthen corporate governance standards in medium-sized companies outside of the major metropolitan areas. CIPE will work with the Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce to develop a policy document for state-owned enterprises on good corporate governance standards and will organize consultant training courses in six cities to train medium-sized companies on implementing good corporate governance practices. Six regional seminars will be hosted on corporate governance and an expanded corporate governance website will be re-launched.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To promote informed debate on relevant political and economic issues. CIPE will work with Foundation for Higher Education and Development (Fedesarrollo) to maintain and increase communication between legislators, academic experts, the media, and civil society by producing monthly informative policy briefs on legislative bills and reforms. Each policy brief will provide unbiased information analyzing the current socioeconomic public agenda.

Corporación Ocasa (Ocasa Corporation or Ocasa)
To educate Colombian youth on opportunities for citizen participation and the need for increased transparency and accountability in all levels of government. Ocasa will train 30 Colombian youths from the departments of Cundinamarca or Boyacá on methodologies for citizen oversight of the government. As a follow on to the workshops and site visits, Ocasa will help the youth participants develop and implement three projects to monitor accountability and governance at the local level.

Corporación Transparencia por Colombia (Corporation for Transparency in Colombia or Transparencia)
To promote increased transparency and accountability in municipal councils in five Colombia cities. Transparencia will partner with a local organization in each city and help the organizations design a project to monitor their respective municipal councils. Transparencia will provide technical assistance, project oversight and funding for each of its five partners. Transparencia will also hold two meetings to bring together the five organizations and promote dialogue about best practices for citizen oversight of municipal councils.

Fundación Corona (Crown Foundation)
To build citizens’ capacity to participate in and monitor the activities of local government. Through its Bogotá Como Vamos (BCV) project, Fundación Corona will design and implement an education and outreach campaign to bring its work and resources to underrepresented and poor neighborhoods in Bogotá. The BCV project will help grassroots organizations in three parishes to increase their capacity to present an evaluation of current government projects and communicate their concerns, needs and recommendations to local officials.

Fundación Cívico Social Pro Cartagena (Foundation for Civic Society in Cartagena or FUNCICAR)
To strengthen citizen oversight of public management of the education sector in Cartagena. FUNCICAR will train 250 Cartagena residents on mechanisms for government accountability, reform of the education system, local development, and public budget management. To complement the training, FUNCICAR will offer technical assistance to community organizations and help them design projects proposals for oversight and reform of the education system. FUNCICAR will then fund and monitor the implementation of the citizen oversight projects.

Fundacion Desarrollo y Paz (Foundation for Development and Peace or FUNDEPAZ)
To conduct a systematic investigation on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Nariño State. FUNDEPAZ will perform a diagnostic of the state of human rights in Nariño and hold a series of events to raise public awareness about the situation. FUNDEPAZ will use these events as a platform to establish a statewide network of human rights defenders in order to expand coverage of its early alert network.

Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa (Foundation for the Freedom of Press or FLIP)
To provide training on access to information mechanisms as a means to strengthen victims’ rights. FLIP will partner with Instituto Prensa y Sociedad – Colombia (IPYS-Colombia) to train 125 journalists in 5 different cities and provide them with technical assistance to present access to information petitions to the government. FLIP and IPYS-Colombia will also develop a manual of best practices on access to information. The manual will be distributed to journalists and NGOs working on victims’ rights.

Fundación Seguridad y Democracia (Foundation for Security and Democracy or FSyD)
To strengthen the capacity of the Colombian Congress to formulate security and defense policies. Per an agreement with the President of the Congress, FSyD will serve as a legislative consultant and provide technical assistance to congressional members on security and defense related issues. FSyD will conduct research, prepare analytical papers, and draft legislative proposals that respond to the needs of congressional members and to Colombia’s current political landscape.

Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas (League of Displaced Women)
To promote new government programs and policies for displaced women and communities in the municipality of Turbaco in Bolívar State. Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas will design and implement a comprehensive methodology to monitor the municipal government of Turbaco. Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas will also develop proposals to strengthen and improve the municipal government’s existing policies.

Universidad de los Andes (University of the Andes or Congreso Visible)
To continue supporting the Congreso Visible project, which promotes transparency and accountability in the Colombian Congress, legislative processes and in the October 2007 regional elections. Congreso Visible will strengthen its online legislative database and hold public events to analyze important developments in the legislature. Congreso Visible will also offer training workshops for civil society organizations throughout Colombia and provide them with technical assistance on how to draft legislative proposals that reflect the concerns and interests of their communities.