Afro-Cuban Alliance
To promote discussion about the conditions of Afro-Cubans and Afro-Cuban issues. The Afro-Cuban Alliance will continue to publish a quarterly journal, Islas, distributed inside and outside the island. The journal seeks to inform Cubans of African descent on the island and in exile about civil rights, the hidden history of slavery and racial discrimination in Cuba, the experience of civil rights movements, and how to organize to bring change.

Asociación Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana (Association for the Discovery of Cuban Culture)
$215,000 *
To promote free debate and discussion about Cuban politics and the future of Cuba. Endowment support will enable Encuentro to publish its quarterly journal, continue its web-based daily newspaper, “Encuentro On-Line,” and enhance its virtual Cuban community through the development of new chat-rooms.

Bibliotecas Independientes de Cuba (Independent Libraries of Cuba or BIC)
To promote intellectual freedom and debate inside Cuba. BIC will continue to provide material assistance to independent libraries in Cuba and promote international awareness of the library movement. BIC staff will travel to Latin America and Europe to meet with libraries, universities, think tanks, and other organizations to enlist their support for individual libraries and the libraries movement.

Center for a Free Cuba
To provide humanitarian assistance and emergency relief to political prisoners and their families. Assistance will go to family members of the nearly 300 prisoners detained in Cuba because of their political beliefs.

To support independent journalism and promote freedom of expression in Cuba. CubaNet will continue to compensate independent journalists in Cuba who provide news and analysis of the situation in Cuba for publication on the CubaNet website. CubaNet will also continue to work with its colleagues around the world to provide additional support, training, and international solidarity to independent journalists.

Directorio Democratico (Democratic Directory or Directorio)
To promote access to objective information and news in communities around Cuba. Directorio will continue to offer radio programming devoted to community development and local news. The station will reach out to youth and women as well as moderate elements of Cuban leadership through programs that promote greater awareness of citizen participation, entertainment and events at the local level.

Disidente Universal de Puerto Rico (Universal Dissident of Puerto Rico or Disidente)
To increase the flow of independent information to Cuba and within Cuba. Disidente will publish and distribute in Cuba its monthly journal, El Disidente, and maintain its website,, containing articles and editorials from activists living on the island, dissidents living in exile, and international news organizations. The website also maintains an up-to-date list of political prisoners in Cuba.

Grupo Internacional para la Responsibilidad Social Corporativa en Cuba(International Group for Corporate Social Responsibility in Cuba or GIRSCC)
To promote labor rights and defend independent labor unions and workers in Cuba. GIRSCC will conduct an international campaign to inform international investors and organizations about the violation of labor conventions in Cuba, including holding its annual conference on corporate social responsibility in Costa Rica. GIRSCC will produce a report on labor rights in Cuba and will continue to provide training and material support to Cuban labor activists in their efforts to organize and monitor working conditions.

People in Need (PIN)
To enhance the capacity of independent journalists and civil society groups to interact with the European public and donors. Building on its work with independent journalists in Cuba, PIN will start a long-distance internship program between 10 major Eastern European media outlets and independent Cuban journalists. Additionally, PIN will train independent civil society groups to apply for grants from the European Union’s multiple grant-giving mechanisms.

People in Peril
To create a curriculum to enhance the critical thinking skills of Cuban youth and young adults. Over the past two years, People in Peril supported the development of independent research on the state of the educational and economic system in Cuba. People in Peril will work with its partners to create a curriculum based on the report of the educational research group.

Red Feminista Cubana, Inc. (Cuban Feminist Network)
To promote women’s rights in Cuba. Through its contacts with women’s movements around the world, Red Feminista will collect and send materials to Cuba for independent women activists and will hold a series of training programs for them. Red Feminista will continue to support its women’s network within Cuba, which it disseminates information on the strategies and activities of women’s movements in other countries.