Asociación de Mujeres Municipalistas de Ecuador (Association of Municipal Councilwomen or AMUME )
To strengthen the capacity of municipal councilwomen and other female officials to effectively perform their jobs. AMUME will support its call center which provides long-term and emergency support to female elected officials. The resource center will provide technical, political, and legal advice in response to specific questions and requests from female elected officials across the country. Additionally, AMUME will promote networking and collaboration among female officials.

Centro de Educación y Promoción Popular (Center for Education and Popular Participation or CEPP)
To educate the broader Afro-Ecuadorian community on a consensus platform focusing on cultural heritage, collective and individual rights, and civic education and citizen participation. CEPP will reach out to local and provincial Afro-Ecuadorian organizations, civil society groups, government officials and the public in general in seven provinces with the largest Afro-Ecuadorian population. CEPP will educate these actors on the platform and encourage them to adopt and incorporate its principals in their organizational or governmental plans.

Centro sobre Derecho y Sociedad (Center for Law and Society or CIDES)
To educate grassroots leaders on their political, economic and social rights, and to strengthen the Afro-Artisan Collectors of Marine Products Federation (Federation or FEDARPROBIM). CIDES and the Federation will work to consolidate its organizational structure, increase its ability to advocate for its members, and build constructive relationships with the local government. CIDES and the Federation will educate the broader Afro-Ecuadorian community on their economic, social and cultural rights, and on local government functions, leadership and negotiation skills, and development, implementation and oversight of community projects.

Fundacion Acción para el Desarrollo Comunitario (Action Foundation for Community Development or ACDECOM)
To assist ten, Afro-Ecuadorian, community development groups in seven counties in Ecuador. Since 2005, ACDECOM has supported the development of these groups and helped them prepare a series of community development plans. This year, ACDECOM will assist these groups to implement their plans; obtain legal registration; build constructive relationships with local and national governments; and network with other NGOs, community groups, and national and international organizations.

Fundación Q’ellkaj (Q’ellkaj Foundation or Q’ellkaj)
To increase the participation and inclusion of indigenous youth in local government and the local decision making process. This year, Q’ellkaj will assist its youth networks to implement local political agendas, developed during a previous NED grant, in collaboration with their local government, business community and civil society groups. Additionally, Q’ellkaj staff will develop a strategic plan and formalize its training, electoral observation and public awareness programs.