Asociación de Comités de Desarrollo Campesino (Association of Committees on Rural Development or CODECA)
To promote greater citizen participation in local development by having young leaders initiate a process of planning and project development in five of CODECA’s member communities. The young leaders trained during last year’s program will help rural and indigenous communities organize to advocate for their rights and engage in the democratic process. Additionally, CODECA will develop a long-term strategic plan.

Fundación Centroamericana de Desarrollo (Central American Development Foundation or FUNCEDE)
To strengthen the capacity of the developmental council system of Sololá to function more efficiently and effectively. FUNCEDE will expand its technical assistance with the departmental development council of Sololá to include seven municipal planning offices. FUNCEDE will help the planning offices and the development council design and implement strategic plans and public policies that address citizens’ needs.

International Republican Institute
To strengthen political parties and encourage participation in the September elections. IRI will work to increase civil society participation in the political party reform process through a voter education campaign and will provide candidates and political parties with polling and data analysis and help them effectively communicate their messages. IRI will work to increase the participation of youth, women and indigenous groups in the political process.

MesoAmerican Centre for Sustainable Human Rights Action (CEMAS)
To partner with seven grassroots human rights organizations to train community youth in leadership, democracy, and human rights. Based on the knowledge and skills these young leaders acquire through a series of workshops, they will lead discussions with other young people in their communities. Through this program, CEMAS will help build the capacity of smaller, grassroots, human rights organizations. CEMAS will also facilitate discussion and cooperation among human rights organizations in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.