Comisión Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua (Permanent Commission on Human Rights in Nicaragua or CPDH)
To improve access to justice in Matagalpa, Jinotega, Managua and Estelí. CPDH will monitor citizen’s access to the local judicial system. Volunteers will work with judicial officials to respond to cases in which citizens lack adequate access to the judicial system. CPDH will also disseminate information and hold events to educate the media, members of the judicial branch and citizens about the weaknesses in and possible reforms to the judicial system.

Fundación Iberoamericana de la Cultura (FIBRAS) a.k.a. Movimiento por Nicaragua (Ibero-American Foundation for Culture or Movement for Nicaragua)
To strengthen its national network and educate its volunteers on government oversight. Movimiento will continue to prepare its volunteers to be active citizens by conducting monthly educational seminars for members in each of its chapters. Additionally, Movimiento will work to improve communication among its 10 chapters and develop a long-term strategic plan.

Hagamos Democracia (We Make Democracy or Hagamos)
To assist citizens in monitoring their elected officials and the laws proposed and enacted by both the legislative and executive branch. Hagamos will host public forums for newly-elected representatives and their communities. Additionally, Hagamos will continue to monitor and report on the activities of the National Assembly and the executive branch with a renewed focus on the repercussions of proposed and enacted laws on democratic institutions.

Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos y Políticas Públicas (Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policy or IEEPP)
To conduct analysis and trainings on issues of security and defense. IEEPP will concentrate on four areas: research, information dissemination, technical assistance, and information exchange with Central American counterparts. IEEPP will continue to provide high quality research and technical assistance to civilians in government and the NGO community, and to support civilian capacity to control and monitor Nicaraguan security and defense policy.

Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Humanísticos (Nicaraguan Institute for Humanistic Studies or INEH)
To promote informed citizen participation and transparency in local government in eight municipalities. INEH will invite community leaders, municipal authorities, and young people to participate in a series of four workshops on citizen participation and oversight, access to information laws, and Nicaragua’s legal framework. INEH will provide technical assistance and advice to participants as they implement the lessons learned in the workshops in their communities.