Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya (Center for Analysis and Diffusion of the Paraguayan Economy or CADEP)
To generate and discuss recommendations to improve public policies in five key areas related to Paraguay’s social, economic, and political development. CADEP will solicit respected experts to draft policy papers on critical development issues, being certain to incorporate the input and feedback of political actors and other civil society organizations. CADEP will then widely distribute the policy papers and will hold forums to reinforce candidates’ commitment to implementing the proposed policies.

Centro de Información y Recursos para el Desarrollo (Center of Information and Resources for Development or CIRD)
To improve transparency and citizen participation in the April 2008 general elections in Paraguay. CIRD will work with 120 volunteers throughout the country to create a database with relevant information about a majority of the national candidates and to develop and promote a “citizen’s agenda” that clearly states the electorate’s top priorities.

Instituto de Derecho y Economía Ambiental (Institute for Law and Environmental Economy or IDEA)
To promote increased accountability and effectiveness of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). IDEA will establish, under its own auspices, an Office of Accountability for the AGO that will receive public comments about the performance of the AGO. IDEA will examine the performance of the AGO focusing on the degree of autonomy with which the prosecutors handle cases; the degree to which the AGO prosecutors proactively investigate cases; and exposure of anti-ethical or corrupt practices.

Semillas para la Democracia (Seeds for Democracy or Semillas)
To improve municipal management and transparency and to encourage more effective public policies in two Paraguayan cities. Semillas will conduct workshops for both government officials and civil society representatives on tools to improve citizen participation in municipal governance. Additionally, Semillas will provide technical assistance and follow-up for as participants use these new skills.