Asociación Civil Libertad Ciudadana (Civil Association for Citizen Freedom)
To improve the capacity of community journalists to serve as community leaders and advocates for democratic values. Libertad Ciudadana will work to improve communication between community journalists and the local population through a series of workshops on public management of information. Libertad Ciudadana will work to reduce social tensions by coordinating a series of meetings between business sector representatives, municipal government officials, traditional media outlets, community journalists, and civil society leaders.

Instituto Prensa y Sociedad– Venezuela (Press and Society Institute or IPYS – Venezuela)
To defend and promote the protection of freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Venezuela. IPYS-Venezuela will maintain and expand its alert network to provide coverage in nine cities across Venezuela. The alert network monitors and investigates violations of freedoms of expression and press, and prepares reports that are distributed to international audiences. IPYS-Venezuela will also present three training workshops on investigative journalism, interview techniques and online research databases for journalists throughout Venezuela.

International Republican Institute
To help strengthen democracy in Venezuela, and to overcome strong political polarization among democratic organizations. IRI will facilitate two meetings for regional and national party leaders to reach agreement on issues of national importance and establish a program agenda that responds to the needs of Venezuela’s citizens. IRI will also help participants develop an effective public relations campaign and encourage dialogue between parties working to support and strengthen democracy in Venezuela.

To strengthen citizen oversight of public policies and promote increased citizen participation in Venezuela. This project will train 300 individuals on the legal framework of citizen oversight, the conceptual design of accountability programs, and best practices for monitoring public services. These workshops will bring together people with a diverse range of political and socioeconomic affiliations. This project will also work with citizen groups to develop and implement five citizen oversight projects.

Civic Education
To promote community leadership, pluralistic political discourse, and consensus building. This project will hold a series of public events to strengthen community leadership and to advance dialogue between public officials and their constituencies. This project will also introduce a new training program for student leaders at as a means to encourage greater student participation in community service and development projects.

To strengthen corporate social responsibility and increase private sector involvement in the social development issues. This project will identify priorities for private sector philanthropy and promote partnerships between private companies and non-governmental organizations working on democracy, human rights and rule of law issues. This project will also advocate for government policies that would provide benefits to companies that fund NGOs and social development initiatives.

To promote increased participation, especially among women and young adults, in all spheres of local government. This project will train community leaders and members in issues of leadership, participation and public policy. This project will bring together community leaders for a working conference to discuss the status of democracy in Venezuela.

To train and assist students as they complete community service projects. By increasing the technical capacity of youth and student populations to implement community service projects, this project hopes will help students establish links across the Venezuela’s socioeconomic divide and address longstanding class tensions present throughout the country.

To strengthen women’s leadership and providing women leaders with key training on communication strategies, democratic participation and public policy formulation. This project will then work with participants to help shape current legislation that addresses the challenges facing women in their communities.

To promote greater youth participation in community service projects and help strengthen the personal development of Venezuela’s youth. This project will hold weekly meetings for youth on issues of democracy, citizen participation, social service and sociopolitical understanding. This project will also hold a series of four working retreats, which will provide youth with an opportunity to perform community service and work directly with local populations.

To identify and train 800 women leaders from lower and middle class communities on political leadership, social and community action, and entrepreneurship. This project will develop a national database of women’s organizations to promote greater communication and collaboration between emerging women leaders. This project will facilitate the creation of community development agendas to address the challenges facing Venezuelan women.

To strengthen community planning institutions, their ability to address the priorities and concerns of the local populations, and their interaction with local government officials. This project will provide technical support and conduct training activities for community councils in three regions of Venezuela. Additionally, in order to facilitate greater integration with traditional institutions of municipal governance, this project will coordinate a series of meetings between CCPPs and local mayors and municipal councils.

Freedom of Information
To develop a community news agency as a means for processing and diffusing pluralistic information and multiple perspectives about Venezuela’s poor urban communities. Community leaders will be trained in basic journalistic skills and become the correspondents for the agency. The agency will provide conventional media with objective news about life in the poor sectors of Venezuela.

Human Rights
To defend and promote the rights of indigenous peoples. This project will organize workshops to provide indigenous peoples with leadership training and help them establish strategic agendas to advance the sociopolitical and economic development of their communities. This project will also work to build ties between Venezuela’s indigenous populations and indigenous communities from other countries.

To promote and defend democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Venezuela. This project will strengthen the human rights instruction at and promote greater inter-institutional collaboration between public universities throughout Venezuela. This project will also offer human rights training for professors and legal practitioners. Lastly, to raise greater international awareness about the state of human rights and democracy, this project will organize a two-day conference, which will include presentations by internationally recognized human rights experts.

NGO Strengthening
To carry out a program that will contribute to strengthening the role of civil society in Venezuela and promote a culture of reconciliation and tolerance. The program is based on the discussion and understanding of the values and principles of a democratic culture. It will combine elements of a broad conceptual perspective with the experiences and challenges facing the NGOs in Venezuela in their everyday struggle to promote democratic values in a polarized environment.

To work with community action networks that monitor local government programs, promote citizen participation, and implement community development projects. This project will work to bolster the capacity of civil society networks and their members through a series of activities aimed at strengthening network management, leadership capacity and the exchange of best practices.

To strengthen actors and procedures committed to the defense of democracy , rule of law and political freedoms. This project will work with emerging non-governmental organizations to bolster their institutional capacity and strengthen their ability to serve as effective advocates for the principles of democratic governance. This project will also carry out a comprehensive evaluation of access to information procedures and develop a legislative proposal to improve existing access to information mechanisms in Venezuela.