Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies (AITAS)
To improve communication and links between MPs and university students. AITAS will target 400 university students through a series of workshops designed to raise student awareness of parliament functions, engage students in monitoring parliamentary committees, and involve students in parliamentary lobbying and reform advocacy.

Arab Foundation for Supporting Civil Society
To launch a campaign to restore syndicates’ independence from the government and promote abolishing Law 100 of 1993. The campaign will include compiling an evaluation report on the prospects of independent syndicates, conducting six bi-monthly awareness raising and consultative seminars in Cairo, and holding a one-day conference.

Arab Society for Human Rights (ASHR)
To promote legal awareness among journalists about freedom of expression under Egyptian laws. ASHR will conduct a series of six three-day training workshops and six roundtable discussions on legal rights for180 journalists from Alexandria, Aswan, Al-Minya, Al-Gharbiyah, Al-Buhaira, and Qena governorates.

Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance (CEWLA)
To promote awareness of civic rights for young people in underserved areas of Cairo and Giza. CEWLA will enable a cadre of 28 youth civil rights activists to lead a year-long “know my rights” awareness program and disseminate democratic values and raise civic awareness in their respective neighborhoods by conducting training-of-trainer workshops for the activists who will then lead 28 awareness seminars targeting young people.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To effect positive change on the Egyptian Unified Law on Industry. CIPE will provide technical and financial assistance to the Federation of Economic Development Associations (FEDA) to review the current legal framework and regulations of the law, develop synopses of the regulations, and organize three roundtable discussions for 300 participants to solicit feedback on barriers to operating at competitive levels. FEDA will then draft a revised Unified Law on Industry in cooperation with CIPE.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
$ 623,7235
To promote awareness among potential investors of the concepts of corporate governance and its relevance to economic reform, raise awareness of anti-corruption and anti-bribery practices among the business community, establish a task force to develop a plan on countering corruption, hold governance reform conferences, convene a writers’ forum to address Egypt’s informal sector, conduct a series of 12 roundtable discussions to promote entrepreneurship, and build the content of the Efham website.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To engage the Egyptian government in policy dialogue with the private sector on an NBA following the recent constitutional amendments. CIPE will support the Egyptian Junior Business Association in updating the NBA by forming a drafting committee which will set the agenda and plan awareness-raising events, lead roundtable discussions with industrial sector committees and stakeholders, launch the NBA at a national press conference, and advocate the agenda to policymakers.

Constitutional Protection Foundation (CPF)
To engage grassroots activists in the electoral process, establish a network of community activists in rural areas, and make the work of local council members more transparent and well-known to the public. CPF will train young lawyers and law students to monitor the registration process in anticipation of the upcoming local council elections, and lead a local council monitoring campaign in Ad-Daqahliyah province.

Egyptian Center for Human Rights (ECHR)
To promote local governance awareness and promote political participation. ECHR will conduct six awareness seminars for 360 leaders of civil society members in Cairo on the role of local councils and three two-day training workshops for 90 perspective candidates on campaign management skills.

Egyptian Democracy Institute (EDI)
To build citizens’ links to parliament and promote accountability of parliament. EDI will lead a year-long parliamentary monitoring program, produce quarterly monitoring reports, and hold eight seminars on the performance of the Egyptian parliament.

Human Development Association (HDA)
To monitor and document human rights abuses in ten districts of ad-Daqahiliya governorate. HDA will lead a one-year campaign to document human rights violations and train ten volunteers on monitoring human rights violations and advocating on behalf of the citizens.

Maat for Judicial and Constitutional Studies
To strengthen the rule of law and offer an alternative to political violence. Maat for Judicial and Constitutional Studies will conduct fourtwo-daytraining courses on prisoners’ rights, communication skills, and investigative techniques on human rights violations in three governorates for 100 lawyers and law students and link them to a national detainees defense network.

National Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms
To promote women’s political participation in rural areas. The Association will publish and distribute 500 copies of a booklet on women’s rights, conduct a four-day training of trainers course for 30 rural women from four governorates, and assist the trainees as they conduct political awareness seminars in each of the four targeted governorates for a total of 120 rural women.

New Horizons Association for Social Development (NHASD)
To build the capacity of a cadre of young people in underserved areas of Cairo. NHASD will conduct a year-long training-of-trainers peer leadership program for 30 young people from Dar el Salam, Ein El Ziera, and Old Cairo to prepare master-level peer civic education trainers.

One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Care (One World)
To promote awareness among journalists about freedom of expression. One World will lead six media and democracy workshops in Al-Ismailia and Giza governorates for 150 journalists, including radio hosts, television broadcasters, and journalists.

Rural Development Association (RDA)
To promote rural participation in the upcoming local council elections. RDA will conduct a series of four three-day awareness seminars on the role of local councils and obstacles facing them in el-Munofiya for 80 civil society leaders, members of farmers’ unions, students and journalists. RDA will also print and distribute 1,000 copies of a booklet on the role of local councils.

Rural Studies Center
To promote awareness of the importance of community based participation in rural populations. The Center will conduct ten awareness seminars on the concept of social movements and citizen participation targeting 500 members of the farmers’ unions and rural activists in eight governorates. The Center will lead two training-of-trainers workshops in Cairo for 50 NGO leaders from the targeted governorates.

Youth Forum
To promote awareness of basic civil and political rights for young people in two of the most prominent public universities in Cairo—Ain Shams and Cairo Universities. Youth Forum will conduct a field survey to assess university students’ perception on the constitutional reform process and conduct ten civic awareness seminars.