American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To develop trade union organizing capacity, build quality education programs, and increase access to information about workers rights in Jordan. The Solidarity Center will work with Jordanian unions to improve communication between unions and their members; increase the capacity of unions to deliver quality educational programs; and develop the organizing capacity of trade unions in order to expand their grassroots base and promote participation from union members.

To raise public awareness of the functions of parliament and parliamentarians. AmmanNet will follow and report on the campaigns of candidates in five voting districts. It will also report on parliamentary activities through a weekly FM radio program, regular news reports, and updates to its website that profiles MPs and their voting records.

Baqa’a Women’s Cooperative Association (BWCA)
To spread awareness of human rights, women’s rights and democracy, and enhance the empowerment of women in the Baqa’a refugee camp. BWCA will plan and conduct two 30-minute plays on women’s rights and democracy. Each play will be repeated six times at community centers throughout the Baqa’a camp and be followed by 35-minute discussion.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To provide technical guidance and financial support to al-Quds Center for Political Studies and raise the economic awareness of Jordanian political parties. Al-Quds will create a local policy forum to lead two workshops on developing an effective economic platform; develop a guide on formulating economic policies, and hold four workshops on raising awareness of the Jordanian economic, social, and legislative environment, and conduct a survey on women in the labor market and business sector.

Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies (JCCES)
To raise civic awareness and participation among university students and build a core group of peer civic educators. JCCES will conduct a civic education program at the University of Jordan in Amman and at Mu’tah University in Kerak. The course will be based on a training module that JCCES customized for university students in Jordan with previous NED support.

Mleih Young Women's Association
To conduct a women’s empowerment program in the Madaba region of Jordan. The Association will conduct training courses on women’s rights, workshops on women’s social rights, and seminars on women’s legal rights as based on international convention and domestic legislation.

Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP)
To raise civic awareness in rural Jordan through students’ development of and participation in a regional parliament. LHAP will work with all 30 secondary schools in Bani Kenanah to launch the Provincial Schools Parliament, a body comprised of 110 student representatives who will meet regularly as a group and send representatives to and report on the region’s Executive Council sessions.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To strengthen grassroots input into key political issues and facilitate the mobilization of citizens in the decision-making process. NDI will work with al-Mashreq al-Jadid for Studies and Research to conduct focus groups at international standards and effectively manage the research facility. NDI will also assist al-Mashreq al-Jadid to develop a business plan that will allow it to become an independent entity.

Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan
To promote women’s rights in Jordan. The Institute will hold workshops on citizenship rights, legal knowledge, parliamentary issues, and national strategies. The workshops will reach at least 300 rural women and Amman-based women’s activists.

al-Urdun al-Jadid Research Center (UJRC)
To strengthen the role of civil society institutions in oversight, reform, decision making, and development of policy recommendations. UJRC will hold nine workshops for NGO activists and government officials on empowering civil society. The proceedings and recommendations will be published and distributed in three reports to civil society activists and policymakers.