Akhbar Libya Cultural Foundation (ALCF)
To maintain its Arabic news-oriented website. ALCF will further develop its Arabic website and expand its network of correspondents and writers inside and outside Libya in order to provide Libyans with accurate information on political, economic, and social issues in Libya ALCF will also create an English section of their website in order to reach a wider international audience and provide it with an insider image of Libyan realities.

The Libya Human and Political Development Forum (LHPDF)
To continue drawing attention to political and human rights conditions in Libya and providing forums through which Libyans inside and outside Libya can respond to these conditions. LHPDF will maintain its Arabic website; conceptualize, produce and distribute 2,000 copies of an annual report on democratic developments in Libya in Arabic and English; and produce and distribute two issues of the Arabic journal, The Libyan Forum.

Transparency Libya (TL)
To maintain its bilingual anti-corruption website dealing with issues of corruption and mismanagement in Libya. TL will conduct a survey on political opposition, pluralism, and transparency; organize a two-day roundtable discussion for 20 Libyan activists on issues related to corruption in Libya; and publish its 2007 report on transparency in Libya, post it on the website, and distribute 500 copies to Libyans in exile.