El Amane Association for the Development of Women (AEDF)
To conduct an NGO capacity-building program and a women’s rights awareness campaign for young people in the slums of Marrakesh. AEDF will conduct three three-day workshops for 10 development organizations and 32 bi-monthly women’s rights workshops for 60 high school students. AEDF will also develop a resource library on human rights and democracy for youth and local groups, including an audiovisual section for illiterate women.

Association Boujad for Sustainable Development (BDD)
To maintain its local NGO capacity building program in Boujad. BDD will mobilize and assist 15 local organizations to conduct a series of awareness raising activities targeting 40 young people each, organize these local groups into a citizen democracy network, and provide the groups with a three-day training workshop. The organizations will then jointly conduct youth seminars on democracy, civic education, and citizenship values.

Association Ennakhil for Women and the Child
To continue its local NGO capacity-building program. Ennakhil will conduct eight NGOs capacity-building workshops in five rural communes in Marrakesh. Ennakhil will assist local groups to create working committees within the targeted communes to identify needs, develop and implement projects, and monitor community projects. Ennakhil will conduct a two-day seminar for the groups in the targeted communes to exchange experiences and assess progress.

The Center for the Rights of the People (CDG)
To conduct four three-day training workshops to train 30 human rights activists on strategic planning, project management, documentation of human rights violations, and advocacy skills and strategies. CDG will also establish and run a human rights and civic education resource library in Fez to meet the needs of local activists and university students. The library will provide documentation, information, and training materials.

The Center for Studies and Research (CERH)
To maintain its youth democracy education program. CERH will organize two two-day training workshops on project management for 30 of its members, five one-day workshops targeting 30 university students on Morocco’s democratization prospects, three conferences on Morocco’s democratic change, and three half-day workshops on decentralization. CERH will post on its website the events’ proceedings and report them in its quarterly Arabic language journal, Rihanat (Stakes).

The Forum of Initiatives on Communication, Information, and Documentation (CICID)
To train a group of 40 activists from its network and other local associations through nine two-day capacity building workshops and support its members to carry out awareness raising activities on human rights and civic education. CICID will also develop and launch its website, offer technical support to local groups, and act as a local forum for coordination and exchange of experiences for local NGOs.

Moroccan Women's Alliance for Development and Training (MWADAT)
To raise legal literacy among women, enable women to protect their rights under the family law, raise awareness of womens’ rights among young people, and encourage youth involvement in the democratization process. MWADAT will maintain and develop its women’s center in Tetouan and extend its legal literacy and awareness raising activities to the Ashkarad center, the community of Al-Hamra, and the Beni Hassan countryside.

Moroccan Association for Development and Solidarity (AMDS)
To maintain its NGO capacity-building program on women’s legal education. AMDS will conduct a field study on women’s groups in Agadir; conduct four three-day training workshops for legal counselors on civic education, advocacy, and women’s rights; partner with a local women’s network to conduct two one-day legal education sessions; and hold two one-day monitoring and self evaluation seminars.

Moroccan Association for Schools as Instruments of Peace (AMEIP)
To continue its civic education program for teachers and students to include three-day workshops for ten groups of students, an eight-month course for 32 youth educators, a five-day training workshop for youth leaders, and a five-day training workshop on civic education for 50 high school teachers. AMEIP will support 10 high schools’ human rights clubs and conduct a five-day training workshop for 20 club facilitators.

Moroccan Belgian Forum (MBF)
To conduct an NGO capacity-building program. MBF will organize training workshops for its staff on legal counseling and communication; training workshops for 15 women’s rights activists on administrative and financial management; women’s rights awareness raising campaigns in two rural communes in Taroudent; and public conferences on women’s right for 50 local activists, journalists, and elected officials.

The Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice (MFTJ)
To conduct an advocacy program to follow up on recommendations from the Equity and Reconciliation Committee. MFTJ will conduct two one-day seminars on the recommendations for 40 stakeholders, including judges, political leaders, and academics; hold two one-day conferences on the role of civil society as part of the follow-up to the recommendations; conduct three one-day capacity building workshops for civic activists; and train civil society activists on advocacy and communication skills.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To enhance voter education efforts in Morocco. NDI will work with local partners to develop and distribute civic education resources in every wilaya (state) in Morocco. NDI will partner with Scholastic, Inc., and utilize the NED-supported People’s Mirror Research Center to produce materials for distribution to 14 to18 year olds for take-home use. NDI will partner with the Women’s MP Network to develop and disseminate materials educating voters on successes women have had as legislators.

The Network of Associations for Participatory Development (RADEP)
To continue its local democracy program in Meknes and assist local organizations in setting agendas and coordinating with local government. RADEP will hold three two-day NGOs training workshops on institutional skills, organize three half-day coordination roundtables for local activists, conduct three one-day training workshops for local government representatives on good governance, and organize three half-day roundtable discussions for civil society and local government on local democracy.

Voluntary and Cultural Action Association (VCAA)
To maintain its youth civic education program in the Sidi Moumen slums in Casablanca. VCAA will conduct three two-day NGOs capacity-building workshops; hold two half-day seminars on local democracy and election monitoring, and conduct four one-day workshops on civic education and political participation. VCAA will offer young people courses on civic and political participation and involve them in human rights and democracy activities.

Women's Action Union (UAF-Casablanca)
To strengthen the capacity of UAF-Casablanca to advocate against violence against women and in support of laws criminalizing gender-based violence. The Union will raise legal awareness among women about their legal rights under the new family code. The Union will also monitor and document cases of violence against women and conduct workshops and campaigns to spread awareness about women’s rights among decision makers, civil society, and the media.