Al-Jahedh Forum for Free Thought (AJFFT)
To promote a general cultural of democracy and citizenship in Tunisia, in particular among the young people. AJFFT will lead 30 open seminars, coordinate a youth cultural festival, conduct three capacity-building workshops, establish an adolescent youth forum, and undertake research and translation on democratic issues focused on the relationship between Islam and democracy.

Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR)
To strengthen the capacity of Tunisian educators to promote democracy and civic values and to educate Tunisian students on democracy and citizenship. In close partnership with the informal Tunisian branch of the Arab Network for Civic Education (Civitas/Tunisia), AIHR will build a core group of trainers to train teachers and school inspectors on civic education methods and training tools and introduce civic education in primary schools.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To institutionalize corporate governance in Tunisia. The Institute of Arab Chiefs of Enterprise (IACE), IPE’s partner, will conduct an assessment survey on best-practice standards in corporate governance among Tunisian companies; conduct a series of focus group discussions to analyze the results of the survey; and develop guidelines for Tunisian managers to implement corporate governance standards. These guidelines will be discussed and evaluated in a national forum. IACE will then produce and disseminate a manual capturing the guidelines and case studies.

The Mohamed Ali Center for Research, Studies, and Training (CEMAREF)
To train a new generation of young civic activists and encourage their participation in democracy programs in order to revitalize Tunisian civil society and encourage youth involvement in civic action. CEMAREF will train 50 male and female activists, aged 20 to 40, on leadership skills and empowered decision-making and continue working with the trained activists through onsite visits to their respective organizations.

Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH)
To strengthen a group of young Tunisian attorneys as they mobilize citizens on reform issues. OMDH will train a group of 20 Tunisian lawyers on civil mobilization, and supervise and mentor them as they implement their own mobilization projects.