Association of Monitoring Parliamentarians and Selected Officials (Tumikom)
To promote accountability and transparency in the Turkish parliament. Tumikom will produce and distribute its Fourth National Report on activities of the parliamentarians in addition to a report on the extent to which the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and other parties in the parliament have kept their pre-election promises. Tumikom will also monitor and coordinate the work of its 36 local branches across the country.

Association of Southeastern Industrialists and Businessmen (GUNSIAD)
To strengthen the capacity of civil society groups and NGOs in southeastern Turkey. GUNSIAD will conduct two ten-day seminars on NGO management for 200 NGO leaders and civil society groups in Diyarbakir and Mardin provinces; conduct follow-up visits to monitor their progress and offer on-demand direct assistance; and produce and distribute 400 copies of booklets on project management, communication, and conflict resolution.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To build Turkish business associations’ capacity to advocate constituencies’ interests and better provide member services, and to contribute to a more integrated independent business association community throughout Turkey. CIPE, in collaboration with Economists Platform, will develop an on-line business association resource center specific to Turkey and its business community. They will also hold a five-day business association management workshop for executive officers of 30 Turkish business associations.

Foundation for Anatolian Folklore and Culture (FAFC)
To promote reform of the press and penal codes to guarantee freedom of expression and to increase public awareness of the legal barriers to freedom of expression. FAFC will develop and support 24 working groups that will each produce a list of proposed legal recommendations. FAFC will use these proposals to develop a joint declaration on legal reform and freedom of expression.

Flying Broom
To raise gender awareness and promote women’s rights among public sector employees and to initiate a dialogue and strengthen cooperation between public sector institutions and women’s rights organizations. Flying Broom will conduct a workshop on women’s rights for public sector employees and will work with the participants to develop working groups that will conduct trainings and facilitate dialogue between the NGO sector and public institutions.

Freedom of Expression Association (FEA)
To raise public awareness of the right to information and promote the implementation of the access to information law . FEA will conduct a workshop on access to information law; conduct 24 training sessions on content and the application of this law; extend its application centers on accessing public information into four new provinces; and print and distribute a booklet on the access to information law.

Human Rights Agenda Association (HRAA)
To promote an understanding of the need to incorporate principles of human rights in the Turkish legal system. HRAA will conduct two workshops on the European Convention on Human Rights for 50 lawyers from eight provinces. It will also organize eight follow-up roundtable discussions to assess the impact of the workshops and reach out to other lawyers and human rights defenders.

International Republican Institute (IRI)
To enhance campaign skills of parliament candidates, promote engagement among Turkey’s young people, and to expand the capacity for dialogue among US, European, and Turkish opinion leaders. IRI will conduct a campaign skills training for candidates of the parliamentary election; hold a youth essay contest whose winners will attend IRI’s Youth Leadership Academy; organize five roundtable discussions on Turkey’s relationship with the world; and conduct an opinion poll and focus groups among young people.

Organization for Research and Dissemination of Economic and Social Issues ( GAYA)
To raise awareness of women’s rights and role of women in political processes and to promote women’s empowerment and strengthen their socioeconomic skills. GAYA will conduct three six-month training courses on women’s rights for 150 women activists in rural areas and women migrants in shanty towns in the three provinces of Samsun (Black Sea region), Eskisehir (eastern Turkey), and Nevesehir (central Turkey).

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)
To strengthen and broaden citizen engagement in politics and to build the capacity of parliament, political parties, and local government to better reach out to and represent citizens. Through training seminars and consultations, NDI will help NGOs develop their organizational capacity as well as their advocacy skills to assist them in their respective efforts to increase citizen participation in politics, and establish precedents for government responsiveness, transparency, and accountability.

Women's Solidarity Foundation (KADAV)
To raise awareness of women’s rights among women and civil servants and combat violence against women. KADAV will provide legal aid to victims of domestic violence, conduct 18 seminars on women’s rights (10 for the victims of violence against women and 8 for civil servants and law enforcement agencies), and produce and distribute 3,000 copies of brochures and flyers on its legal services and seminars and promoting women’s rights.

Young Leaders of Anatolia Association (AGL)
To raise awareness of democratic values and the need for greater participation in public life among young people . AGL will conduct a summer school on participatory democracy for 40 young people. It will work with each participant to conduct democracy-related seminars in their respective universities and write an essay about democracy in Turkey. Best essays will be published and distributed to universities, NGOs, media, and political parties.