West Bank and Gaza Strip

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To support the development of independent, democratic union as one of the key voices in civil society promoting both worker rights and economic development. The Solidarity Center will continue to provide guidance to the PGFTU as it works to develop strong sector unions at the national and district levels, conduct policy around the issue of job creation and employment policies, and promote active member communication, participation and mobilization.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To strengthen the capacity of the PFGTU to become an important voice for working families and unemployed. The Solidarity Center will support the strengthening of sector unions at national and local levels, help the PGFTU build its capacity as a lead voice for job creation and workers rights, and assist the PGFTU in promoting member participation, mobilization, and education.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To work with the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) to support the establishment of the Israeli-Palestinian Business Development Forum. CIPE and IPCRI will develop two guides in Arabic and Hebrew on how to do business from one territory to another, and hold two advocacy and confidence-building conferences.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To enhance the role of women entrepreneurs in Palestinian civil society. CIPE will support the Business Women’s Forum to hold two one-day informative conferences on the role of the private sector in civil society, two one-day workshops on effective leadership, and four day-long seminars to build upon women’s expertise as entrepreneurs.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To establish a greater respect for transparency, accountability, and ethics in the Palestinian private sector, and generate a greater awareness of equitable governance and ethical business behavior amongst university students. CIPE will work with the Center for Private Sector Development to draft good corporate governance and ethics codes with attendant explanatory materials, develop policy papers on market access and competitiveness, and review and revise Arabic-language materials on good governance and ethics for university students’ use.

Civitas Institute
To strengthen citizen participation in local politics in Gaza. Civitas will provide 66 independent neighborhood committees with advocacy and leadership skills to strengthen their oversight to and engagement with their corresponding local councils.

al-Dameer Association for Human Rights
To promote a culture of human rights in the Gaza Strip through the conduct of a human rights training program for university students and school teachers. In doing this, it will establish a Friends of al-Dameer support club, publish four issues of its newsletter, and develop three training manuals.

To enhance freedom of expression and strengthen the role of women in local Palestinian media. Filastiniyat will lead five two-day trainings for women on media skills throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and then conduct two two-day strategic planning meetings to chart a three-year action plan for incorporating more women’s voices into Palestinian media.

General Union of Cultural Centers (GUCC)
To enable youth organizations to advocate accountability and draft a youth law. GUCC will provide advocacy training to representatives of 30 youth centers and work through them to lead workshops on a draft youth law. GUCC will use the findings of these workshops to lead a public information and advocacy campaign to modify an existing draft law.

Holy Land Trust (HLT)
To strengthen the practice of nonviolent conflict resolution. HLT will provide advanced training to 14 nonviolence trainers on conflict management and nonviolence and lead seven four-day training courses on conflict analysis and understanding in isolated areas of the West Bank.

Jerusalem Center for Women (JCW)
To strengthen women’s public participation. JCW will conduct regular, progressive training for 20 women activists with an emphasis on preparation for presenting conferences, responding to audience questions, participating in interviews, and facilitating peer feedback in these sessions. The training will conclude with a model conference.

Ma'an Network
To expand freedom of information by strengthening a network of local radio stations that develop and broadcast professional independent programming. Ma’an will coordinate the work of 10 member radio stations to develop, produce, and broadcast 40 weekly news and information programs that will be aired live and incorporate call-in feedback.

Musawa / The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and Legal Profession
To strengthen the capacity of locally-based groups of lawyers and law students to become legal educators of local populations. Musawa will lead four training-of-trainers courses in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for attorneys and deploy them as local legal educators who will lead public seminars on human rights, the rule of law, good governance, democracy, and tools for activating and increasing public participation.

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR)
To fortify the principle of national reconciliation among various sectors of the Palestinian population within the West Bank and Gaza Strip. PCDCR will form, launch, and coordinate a 30-member committee for national reconciliation to serve as the organizing force of three advocacy campaigns for national reconciliation from its Nablus, Hebron, and Gaza offices.

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR)
To empirically assess Palestinian democracy. PSR will conduct a public opinion poll and publish and distribute its 2007Democracy Index as part of its multi-year effort to measure Palestinian democracy.

Palestinian Commission for Refugees Rights Protection (PCRP)
To develop leadership skills of young men and women, raise community awareness of civil and political rights, promote small business projects, and highlight conditions facing refugees. PCRP will train a core group of 10 moderate student leaders in Gaza and conduct 60 public meetings to enhance citizen interaction with and oversight of their elected representatives.

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR)
Reprogramming of 2006 funds

To enhance Palestinians’ nonviolent conflict resolution skills. PCDCR will strengthen police officers’ ability to protect human rights, strengthen community cooperation and communication, and prepare a national reconciliation campaign among various sectors of the Palestinian population within the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Commission for Human Development (PCHD)
To promote citizen oversight and public accountability of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). PCHD will work through five advocacy groups that largely represent women and youth NGOs to raise awareness of PLC duties and activities and promote citizen involvement in its decision making. PCHD will have on-site monitoring of PLC meeting sessions, issue monthly “Report Cards” on the PLC’s performance, and organize 50 workshops for public awareness and debate on this performance.

Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
To expand its women’s empowerment program in the underserved region of Jenin. WATC will provide advanced leadership training to 80 women who are active participants in WATC’s Sanabel network of rural women.