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Jul 5, 2015

Tibet’s tough road ahead

 NED President Carl Gershman writes an opinion piece for the Washington Post. :: MORE

Sep 18, 2014

M100 Sanssouci Colloquium: Recognizing Ukraine Leaders for their Achievements

Forum Executive Director Christopher Walker was invited to participate in the tenth annual M100 Sanssouci Colloquium media conference on September 12, 2014. Among the conference's activities, he participated in presenting a special award to the the Ukrainian NGO, YanukovychLeaks, for their work recovering thousands of documents that former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych attempted to destroy before he fled Ukraine. :: MORE

Sep 3, 2014

The Assault on Democracy Assistance

 NED President Carl Gershman and Democracy Digest editor Michael Allen lay out the new threats to freedom in the Journal of Democracy. :: MORE

Jul 11, 2014

The Maidan and Beyond: Finding Ukraine

In the July 2014 issue of the Journal of Democracy, NED Vice President Nadia Diuk shares her views on a post-Maidan Ukraine and what lies ahead for the former Soviet state. :: MORE

Jul 11, 2014

The End of the Transitions Era?

 Marc F. Plattner of the Journal of Democracy writes on the future of democratic transitions in his article "The End of the Transitions Era?" :: MORE

Jun 16, 2014

Christopher Walker: Authoritarian regimes are changing how the world defines democracy

More than six decades later, in an underappreciated twist, today’s leading authoritarian regimes are turning “containment” on its head, using massive resources and coordinated political efforts to chip away at the rules-based institutions that have served as the glue for the post-Cold War liberal order, while checking the reform ambitions of aspiring democracies and reshaping the way the world thinks about democracy. :: MORE

Mar 24, 2014

Testimony on Ukraine

 "Vladimir Putin is not Adolf Hitler," argues NED President Carl Gershman in a speech delivered to the Canadian Parliamaent on March 24th, 2014, but he has run over the existing world order by invading Ukraine. Read the full speech here.  :: MORE

Mar 20, 2014

A Democratic Agenda for the Congo

Opening remarks by NED President Carl Gershman during a conference on a Democratic Future for the Congo.  :: MORE