Congo, Democratic Republic 2016

Advocating for Transparent Public Budget Management in Mbuji-Mayi

Collectif pour le Developpement Economique, Social et Culturel Integre


To enhance participatory budgeting mechanisms and citizen oversight of public procurement procedures, the grantee will hold a training for civil society and public servants, neighborhood forums for the local population, and a plenary for the delegates of the targeted communities. It will also supervise two investigative missions and produce radio programs on transparency in public finances.


Advocating Strict Compliance with the Congolese Constitution

Political Processes


To educate Congolese on peaceful ways to advocate strict compliance with the constitution. The project will include a series of trainings on nonviolence principles. Participants will also learn how to use social media and technology to prevent citizens from engaging in acts of violence.


Building Journalists’ Capacity for Peaceful Elections

Journalistes pour les Droits de l’Homme – RDC


To build the capacity of journalists to cover the upcoming elections, the grantee will hold a series of trainings in the provinces of Kinshasa and Kongo Central. In addition to holding election awareness sessions at universities, it will help professional and aspiring journalists to produce special reports and short films on the elections.


Capacity Building for Peaceful and Transparent Elections in South Kivu

Solidarite des Femmes de Fizi pour le Bien-Etre Familial


To foster the peaceful participation of local civil society, community leaders, and authorities, the grantee will organize several exchange workshops and advocacy meetings on the electoral process. In addition to strengthening the capacity of the local democracy councils, the grantee will host election-focused conferences for local youth, train election observers, distribute election awareness material, and produce radio programs on the elections.


Communications Support to Women in Political Leadership Positions

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support National Parliamentarians Women’s Caucus members and other women in political leadership ahead of the planned November 2016 elections, the institute will assist in the design and implementation of a strategic communications campaign to raise awareness of the importance of women’s participation and representation in government.  The program will be conducted through training workshops supplemented with audio and video communication tools.


Defending Press Freedom during the Electoral Process

Observatoire de la Liberte de la Presse en Afrique


To defend press freedom during the electoral processes, the grantee will investigate abuses against independent journalists, publish communiqués on its website, and monitor the trials of journalists. It will also provide free legal aid, open an emergency line for journalists at risk, hold a press freedom roundtable discussion, and release a report on press freedom in the DRC.


Defending the Civil, Human, and Political Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Federation Nationale des Associations des Personnes Vivant avec Handicap du Congo


To defend the civil, human, and political rights of persons with disabilities, the grantee will organize several advocacy meetings with relevant authorities and closely monitor the DRC government’s compliance with international standards of treatment of persons with disabilities. In addition to organizing awareness symposiums for business executives, it will mobilize thousands of persons with disabilities for the electoral process through public conferences, town hall meetings, and radio and television programs.


Easing Tensions Between Youth Leaders and Security Officials

Collectif des Organizations des Jeunes Solidaires du Congo Kinshasa


To enhance the relationship between youth activists and security officials. The grantee will increase youth’s capacity to engage in the political process through trainings and television programs on principles of nonviolence. The grantee will gather representatives of civil society and government officials before public demonstrations to reduce tensions.  It will advocate for the release of unlawfully detained youth activists.


Educating Women and Youth on Elections

Ligue des Femmes pour le Developpement et l’Education a la Democratie


To help Tshangu District’s women and youth in playing an active role in the electoral process, the grantee will train members of its citizen awareness groups on various democracy-related topics and hold conferences on civic duty and participation.  It will further sensitize women and youth through open house gatherings, election symposiums at schools, town hall meetings, and radio programming.


Electoral Education and Human Rights Monitoring in Former Katanga Province



To prepare citizens for the political process, the grantee will train several civil society and political leaders on a variety of election-related topics. In addition, it will conduct awareness campaigns in major urban centers, produce radio programs on the elections, investigate human rights abuses, and publish press releases and information bulletins.


Electoral Education in Kasai-Oriental and Lomami

Centre d’Etude et de Formation Populaire pour les Droits de l’Homme


To encourage citizens to vote responsibly in the provinces of Kasai-Oriental and Lomami, the grantee will organize trainings for electoral sensitizers and independent journalists. It will launch a voter awareness campaign during which it will air a spot on local television and radio stations, and distribute awareness flyers at churches, town squares, bus stops, and focus group meetings.


Electoral Process Awareness in South Kivu

Union des Cooperatives Agricoles pour le Developpement Integre


To increase the participation of women in Ruzizi and Uvira territories in the electoral process and strengthen democratic values within rural communities in South Kivu Province. The grantee will create peace clubs to raise the population’s awareness concerning women’s rights and democratic norms. In addition, the group will organize cultural events to foster a debate regarding the role of women during the electoral period.


Enhancing Citizen Participation in Elections in Kinshasa and Kikwit

Reseau d’Education Civique au Congo


To promote good governance and maximize citizen participation in the upcoming elections, the grantee will organize town hall meetings on the electoral process in Kinshasa and Kwilu provinces. It will also endorse new public policies, host election symposiums, launch a far-reaching election awareness campaign, collect information on different steps of the electoral process, and frequently engage the electoral commission on issues at hand.


Enhancing Citizens’ Knowledge of the Electoral Process

Association Congolaise des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication


To maximize citizen participation in national and local elections and to promote access to relevant legislation. The grantee will design and produce a mobile application that will feature Congolese electoral legislation in its entirety. The grantee will promote the application through university campus visits, mass e-mails and text messaging, as well as radio and television commercials.


Facilitating Government-Citizen Dialogue on the Electoral Process in South Kivu

Initiative Congolaise pour la Justice et la Paix


To promote dialogue between government and citizens of South Kivu on a variety of democracy-related issues and successful elections, the organization will hold numerous roundtables throughout the province. It will also gather current and aspiring MPs at debate workshops on governance and elections.  Lastly, the organization will continue distributing suggestion boxes to collect popular grievances from the targeted communities.


Fostering Rural Women’s Participation in the Electoral Process of Maniema Province

Alliance Feminine pour le Developpement


To promote greater representation of women in local politics within Lubutu and Punia. A series of workshops and advocacy campaigns will be conducted to strengthen women leaders on local governance, social project development, and public management. In addition, the group will empower local activists to conduct popular awareness-raising campaigns in favor of electoral gender equality.


Increasing Youth’s Involvement in the Democratic Process in Equateur Province

Cadre de Concertation des Jeunes pour les Elections Apaisees


To enhance the participation of youth from the new Equateur Province in the democratic process. The organization will host several town hall meetings and symposiums and launch an awareness campaign consisting of brainstorming sessions and radio programs. The grantee will also train several youth leaders in election observation techniques.


Local Leaders and Judicial Authorities Capacity Building for Good Electoral Monitoring in North Kivu

Solidarite sans Frontiere


To foster conditions for a successful 2016 electoral period in North Kivu, the organization will instruct judicial and local leaders in the territories of Lubero, Walikale, Nyiragongo, and Rutshuru on the best ways to monitor the elections. The organization will also supervise visits to polling stations, report irregularities, and frequently engage with the local electoral commission representatives.

It will also establish election monitoring committees in the targeted localities.


Media Campaign to Support Democracy and Good Governance in South Kivu

Association des Femmes des Medias du Sud Kivu


To strengthen gender equality within the Congolese media and promote democratic norms in South Kivu. The organization will equip female journalists to cover issues related to democracy and good governance. The group will also air hundreds of electoral news related reports on its local radio station and publish articles on democracy and good governance on its website.


Mobilizing Women for Elections in Kinshasa, Kongo Central, and Maniema

Comite National Femme et Developpement


To maximize women’s involvement in the political process, the grantee will train female candidates on electoral communication, organize a series of town hall meetings to introduce female candidates to their electorate, and secure the accreditation of female election observers. It will also produce radio and television programs on women’s political participation.


Mobilizing Women for the Democratic Process in Equateur

Ligue des Femmes pour le Developpement Integral


To prevent human rights violations in southern Equateur ahead of the elections. The grantee will hold sessions bringing together representatives of civil society leaders and government officials. It will also persuade women from riverside localities to participate in the democratic process through a series of workshops, brainstorming sessions, town hall meeting, and radio programs.


Monitoring the Security Aspect of the Electoral Process

Reseau pour la Reforme du Secteur de Securite et de Justice


To help Congolese civil society monitor the security aspect of the electoral process, the grantee will convene two national forums to discuss the issue with key stakeholders. In addition, the grantee’s previously established working group will investigate ongoing security measures regarding the elections, present its findings at conferences, engage government officials on the issues at hand, and organize missions abroad to gain support for their recommendations.


Peaceful Elections and Strengthening of Provincial Members of Parliament in South Kivu

Centre d’Appui a l’Education et au Developpement Communautaire


To foster a peaceful electoral process in South Kivu Province and strengthen good governance on the part of the elected provincial members of parliament (MPs). The organization will educate the population on the electoral process and improve the collaboration between civil society and MPs. The grantee will also convene local civil society to adopt a common nonviolent approach during a tense electoral period.


Preparing Candidates and the Population of North Kivu for the Local Elections

Centre d’Appui pour le Developpement Rural et Communautaire


To strengthen the capacity of local actors to conduct a peaceful and credible electoral process in North Kivu Province, the organization will create an environment in which divergent voices in the current electoral crisis can develop a realistic electoral calendar. In addition, the group will hold a series of community meetings and produce a voter education guide to foster greater participation of the population in the elections.


Preparing Provincial Political Leaders for Elected Office

U.S.-Africa Leadership and Government Academy


To help provincial political actors fulfill their role as elected officials and to introduce innovative methods of local government to Congo. The grantee will organize governance-focused trainings for provincial party leaders in Kinshasa and Kisangani. The grantee will also establish democratic governance forums to increase collaboration between political leaders and civil society.


Preparing the Citizens of Equateur Province for Elections

Collectif des Femmes de l’Equateur


To encourage Equateur’s citizens in general, and its women in particular, to participate in all steps of the electoral process, the grantee will train and deploy one hundred election observers in four localities. It will also produce and broadcast programs on the role of election observers and the need to support female candidates.


Preparing the Citizens of Kongo Central for the Elections

Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix – Boma


To maximize citizen participation in the elections, the organization will reinforce the capacity of its local governance committees through training and then task them with conducting election awareness sessions in their respective communities. The grantee will also train over 100 local authorities, produce radio programs, and sponsor music events on electoral issues.


Preparing the Population and Supporting the Process for Local Elections in Maniema

Fondation pour le Renforcement des Capacites des Populations


To contribute to good governance and the success of the electoral process in the territory of Kasongo, the organization will train local leaders and raise the population’s awareness of its civic duties and rights. The organization will also strengthen the capacity of local civil society to conduct civic and electoral education. Furthermore, it will undertake an election awareness and observation campaign.


Press Freedom during the Elections

Journalistes pour la Promotion de la Democratie et des Droits Humains


To strengthen the capacity of journalists to report during a tense electoral period and promote peaceful elections in South Kivu Province. The organization will train media practitioners in ethical and safe electoral coverage techniques. The grantee will also encourage political actors to protect the media and to defend journalists working in areas affected by electoral violence.


Preventing the Spread of the Burundi Crisis to DRC

Radio Maendeleo


To prevent the regional spread of the Burundian crisis and promote a peaceful electoral period in the at-risk province of South Kivu. The organization will raise the awareness of the impact of electoral violence among youth and political actors. In addition to creating a platform to encourage social and political dialogue, the group will visit villages and hold live public debates and talk shows on elections, good governance, and peace.


Promoting Democratic Alternation of Power in Tshopo Province

Groupement des Organisations Villageoises d’Auto-Developpement


To ensure democratic alternation of power in Congo, the grantee will train over 200 local authorities and community leaders on principles of democracy, governance, human rights and how to conduct free and fair elections. The grantee will raise awareness of the importance of respecting the constitution through a major awareness campaign. It will also hold experience-sharing meetings in countries that have recently experienced a major democratic change.


Promoting Electoral Participation and Access to Information in Tanganyika Lake Coastline

Jeunes Methodistes Libre pour le Developpement


To foster the participation of illiterate women and youth along the Lake Tanganyika coast in the upcoming legislative and presidential elections of 2016, the organization will promote access to information. The organization will launch a community radio station and establish numerous radio clubs. In collaboration with the radio clubs, the organization will produce election awareness programs, some of which it will feature during mobile cinema sessions.


Promoting Freedom of Information through Community Radio in Maniema

Maniema Libertes


To help bridge the information gap between rural and urban areas of Maniema Province, the organization will strengthen its community radio. It will also train journalists on electoral matters. Moreover, the group will expand its radio club network to educate communities and raise their electoral knowledge.


Promoting Human Rights and Fair Elections in Eastern and Western Congo

Solidarite pour la Promotion Sociale et la Paix


To prevent human rights violations and other injustices during the electoral process, the grantee will hold trainings for grassroots activists and journalists, conduct several investigations, and hold peace forums and youth awareness sessions. It will also organize a contest that will enable students to create awareness tools for their peers.


Promoting Intergenerational Cooperation Ahead of the Elections

Dynamique Intergenerationnelle pour la Democratie en Afrique


To increase youth’s involvement in the political process, the grantee will organize a youth-focused conference, train several university student leaders on various democracy concepts, and establish dialogue clubs at various university campuses. The grantee will also organize a Democracy Fair that will feature short documentary screenings and theatrical performances on issues related to democracy and human rights.


Promoting Peaceful and Credible Elections in North Kivu

Association pour le Developpement des Initiatives Paysannes


To foster free, fair, and peaceful elections during a tense electoral period in the DRC in North Kivu, the grantee will educate the local population and politicians on the electoral process. Following its civic education campaign, the grantee will establish conflict prevention groups throughout North Kivu to avoid electoral violence.


Promoting Peaceful and Transparent Elections in South Kivu

Kataliko Actions for Africa


To promote a culture of peace and democracy during the electoral period in South Kivu. Workshops will be organized to prepare citizens to participate peacefully in the electoral process and prevent electoral conflicts. The group will also set up a monitoring system to document human rights violations during the elections.


Promoting Peaceful and Transparent Elections in Tshela Territory

Regroupement des Volontaires pour le Developpement


To promote peaceful dialogue and citizen participation in elections in Tshela Territory, the grantee will organize an election awareness training and several conferences on the electoral process. It will also conduct over a hundred election awareness sessions and radio programs on topics covered during the conferences and awareness sessions.


Promoting Peaceful Elections in North Kivu

Misere, Sors!


To promote the massive and peaceful participation of the inhabitants of North Kivu in the presidential elections. The organization will facilitate a series of trainings for young political leaders and police officers to promote democratic processes and freedom of assembly. In addition, the group will guide the local and national police in methods to avoid infringing on the rights of the population during the electoral process.


Promoting Women’s Political Participation in North Kivu

Aide et Action pour la Paix


To foster the emergence of women’s leadership in North Kivu at the local and provincial level. The organization will facilitate a series of capacity building workshops for women leaders to promote understanding of the electoral process and encourage participation in the political process. Moreover, the group will motivate provincial authorities and inspire local media to promote women’s leadership ahead of the 2016 elections.


Promoting Women’s Involvement in Electoral Conflict Prevention in North Kivu

Actions et Initiatives de Developpement pour la Protection de la Femme et de l’Enfant


To prevent violence stemming from the uncertainty of the 2016 electoral calendar and improve social cohesion within the communities of North Kivu. The group will equip the women of Masisi, Rutshuru, and Nyiragongo territories to play a major peacemaking role. Placing women at the cornerstone of its approach, the grantee will establish an early alert system to prevent possible electoral conflicts from spiraling out of control.


Promoting Women’s Participation in Decision-Making

Action d’Entraide pour le Developpement


To advocate the inclusion of women in decision-making, the grantee will train women leaders. It will launch a major campaign that will consist of 20 sessions to encourage women to run for office, and 70 more sessions to persuade citizens to vote for women.


Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Lukula Territory



To educate the women of Lukula Territory on their political rights, and to enhance their political participation, the grantee will instruct numerous women leaders on the electoral law and international legal instruments that guarantee their political rights. It will also organize a series of workshops and awareness sessions to encourage women to run for office, and a conference to advocate the inclusion of women on electoral lists.


Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Seke Banza Territory

Association Congolaise de Droit de l’Homme pour le Developpement Democratique


To encourage the women of Seke-Banza Territory to participate in political processes, the grantee will train promising women leaders on a variety of democracy-related topics. In addition, it will establish women-led dialogue committees, conduct multiple awareness sessions, and produce gender-focused talk shows. It will also distribute thousands of stickers on democracy and elections.


Promoting Youth Participation in the Electoral Process in Eastern DRC

Benevolat pour l’Enfance


To promote the educated participation of young people in North Kivu in the 2016 electoral process, the organization will assess the youth’s knowledge of topics related to democracy and elections. Following the study, the group will use youth facilitators to mobilize their peers around electoral issues and engage local authorities to discuss current events surrounding the elections.


Social Media, Democracy, and Human Rights

Institut de Recherche en Droits Humains


To enhance the security and collaboration of human rights activists before and during the election period through social media. activists will be trained on key aspects of social media. The grantee will also set up a social media-based alert mechanism to encourage the sharing of information on political developments, with particular focus on threats against human rights activists.


Strengthening Female Leadership in Kongo Central Province

Recherche, Etudes et Actions pour le Developpement


To help women engage successfully in the political process in Kongo Central Province, the grantee will organize election-focused trainings and awareness sessions for women leaders and their male counterparts from the public and private sectors. The grantee will also distribute election awareness stickers, and produce voter education radio programs.


Strengthening the Capacity of Local Electoral Actors in South Kivu

Femmes Artisanes de la Paix


To facilitate the holding of upcoming elections in the territory of Uvira in South Kivu Province. The grantee will provide technical support to relevant electoral actors, including the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), and monitor the elections. Additionally, a series of intensive trainings will empower electoral stakeholders to successfully organize future elections.


Supporting Women’s Electoral Leadership in the Muslim Community of Maniema

Bureau Islamique pour la Defense des Droits Humains


To encourage Muslim women in Maniema to contribute to the consolidation of democracy in their province and promote a greater inclusion of women in the upcoming elections. The grantee will educate the province’s population to advance the gender equality agenda. Targeting community and women leaders, the grantee will also facilitate capacity building and awareness raising campaigns on the importance of women’s input in public life.


Youth Civic Education in North Kivu ahead of the 2016 Presidential Elections

Congo Peace Network


To strengthen the electoral knowledge of North Kivu’s youth, prevent its political manipulation, and foster its participation in free, democratic, and transparent elections, the organization will hold a series of trainings in Masisi, Rutshuru, and Walikale territories on civic duties and rights. The group will also strengthen the capacity of its youth clubs to conduct electoral awareness raising and mentor other youth throughout North Kivu.


Youth Civic Education in South Kivu ahead of the 2016 Presidential Elections

Karibu Jeunesse Nouvelle Bukavu


To encourage youth to participate in the electoral process in the Walungu, Kabare, Idjwi, and Uvira territories of South Kivu, the grantee will organize a youth festival and a training on elections, governance, and human rights. In addition, the grantee will establish interactive spaces for peer-to-peer dialogues and public debates with local authorities. It will also publish newsletters and pamphlets on the electoral process.