Liberia 2016

Building Trade Union Capacity to Safeguard Worker Rights, Promote Gender Equality, and Ensure Compliance with Labor Law in Liberia

Solidarity Center 


To help Liberia’s unions enforce the implementation of the Decent Work Act, the center will build and strengthen the capacity of workers and their organizations to promote Freedom of Association, collective bargaining, and represent a broad base of workers including women.  In addition, it will enhance the trade union partners’ ability to strengthen citizen engagement and political accountability in 2017 national elections in Liberia.


Encouraging Citizen’s Participation in Governance and Elections in Southeastern Liberia

National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections – Partners for Democratic Development


To promote the peaceful participation of women and youth in Grand Gedeh and River Gee counties in general elections, the constitutional review process, and local governance, the organization will operate its new office in southeastern Liberia. The grantee will organize radio dramas, town hall meetings, and cultural performances that will allow for dialogue and debate on key political developments.


Engaging Marginalized Youth in Elections

Human Rights Watch Women and Children, Inc.


To reduce instances of electoral violence and to encourage youth from southeastern Liberia to participate in the 2017 general elections. The organization will engage the leadership of commercial moto-bike riders associations and local elected officials in a campaign to abolish the recruitment and political manipulation of moto-bike riders by political parties and candidates. The grantee will lead a civic and voter education campaign on the importance of peaceful participation in elections.


Improving Access to Justice and Human Rights

Human Rights Network Foundation


To ensure that citizens in rural Liberia have access to legal advice and information about their rights, as well as opportunities to seek redress, the organization will lead a thorough human rights and access to justice awareness campaign in Grand Gedeh County. The organization will hold trainings, radio discussions, and a public awareness campaign on how to demand rights through a legal process.


Improving Citizen Engagement on a Constitutional Referendum

Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives


To improve widespread and informed citizen participation in a constitutional referendum, the organization will conduct its signature public dialogue and radio programs in communities across the country. The well-known dialogue forums will take place in well-populated areas and will allow for direct interaction between citizens and members of the constitutional review committee. The programs will be rebroadcast on community radio stations nationwide. The grantee will also produce a radio drama and jingles on the proposed constitutional propositions.


Improving Citizen Participation in the 2017 Elections

Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy


To encourage informed participation by women and youth in electoral processes, the organization will organize public debates for presidential and legislative candidates. The organization will invite young men and women, especially first-time voters, to the public debates to encourage candidates to respond to citizen concerns. The organization will also lead voter education campaigns on university campuses in Monrovia.


Improving Relations between Media and Security Professionals ahead of the 2017 Elections

The Liberia National Law Enforcement Association


To contribute to a peaceful transition ahead of Liberia’s 2017 elections. The grantee will partner with Liberian media institutions to train media practitioners on how to report on active police operations, including political protests and police activity during an election. Building on their expertise in police reform, the grantee will bring a security component to ongoing civil society efforts to reform the legal environment for media institutions through a 12-week internship program for security professionals and a series of trainings and seminars. 


Improving Youth Participation in Local Governance and Elections

Youth in Technology and Arts Network


To combat voter apathy and encourage youth participation in a constitutional referendum and the 2017 general elections. The grantee will use technology and the arts to lead a civic and voter education campaign in Bong and Lofa counties. Through a media van campaign, community forums, and public debates, the organization will foster an exchange of ideas on key election and referendum issues. The grantee will produce a video documentary that will highlight the project’s main activities.


Promoting the Participation of Traditional Leaders for Peaceful Elections

The National Institute for Public Opinion, Inc.


To encourage the participation of traditional leaders in Liberia’s 2017 national elections and to minimize election-related disputes in southeastern Liberia, the organization will hold public forums between traditional leaders, journalists, local officials, and residents. Through these meetings, the organization will encourage traditional leaders to speak out on election matters and mitigate low-level conflicts before they can negatively impact the electoral process.


Strengthening Legislative Accountability and Transparency in Liberia

Institute for Research and Democratic Development


To promote openness, responsiveness and accountability in the legislature, and to stimulate wider civic participation in democratic dialogue and discussion with legislators, the organization will deploy monitors to track and evaluate the performance of members of the legislature and organize events to disseminate the results for public consumption and discussion. It will release two major reports throughout the legislative session for the year and release periodic updates through newsletters, flyers and online access to real-time data.